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Counter Terrorist Agency Units Will Surround Steam on December 5th

Save lives by commanding an agency to fight global terrorism. Observe suspects, track their routes, seize their correspondence, and analyze their psychological profiles. Monitor terrorist organizations and determine their level of threat based on collected data. Take preventative actions to stop them from executing their gruesome plans. Apply political pressure, question suspects, and eliminate the most dangerous individuals or groups. Strengthen your influence by improving certain areas of agency activity. Remember, however, that everything has its consequences. Waiting too long to start an operation could end in tragedy, but impulsive decisions might lead to the same result. Will you imprison only those who are guilty? Will your acts be moral? Can you optimize and maintain the agency’s reputation?

Counter Terrorist Agency (CTA) – Release Date


Counter Terrorist Agency is a real-time strategy game mixed with tycoon and simulation gameplay elements. The game’s focus is on managing the organization and preventing attacks all over the world using modern monitoring techniques. Infiltrate suspicious groups, listen to shady phone calls, and read confidential emails – can you piece all the puzzles together and make a fair judgment of the situation? Remember that any bad decision can cost hundreds of lives. Use whatever means necessary to stop various terrorist groups around the world – from religious fundamentalists and far-right activists to destructive cults and narco-terrorists. Gather intel and put it to good use, explore new possibilities, and expand your Agency to improve its performance in future operations.


  • Listen, read, and analyze suspicious conversations. But remember, not everyone will let you monitor them. Upgrade your abilities to track down even the most sophisticated suspects.
  • Manage the entire organization – just be aware that with power comes responsibility. The reputation of the Agency depends on you.
  • Plan and control the actions of units around the globe by making quick calculations. Which person is the most dangerous? Which one should you capture first?
  • Think fast and be ready to make difficult moral choices. What – or more importantly, who – will you sacrifice to retrieve sensitive data from the terrorist organizations?

C̷o̸u̷n̸t̷e̸r̵ ̴T̴e̴r̷r̸o̷r̶i̶s̶t̸ ̴A̷g̸e̵n̵c̸y̴ ̴i̷s̷ ̵c̸u̸r̵r̶e̶n̵t̶l̵y̸ ̴u̵n̴d̸e̸r̶ ̶d̶e̴v̶e̶l̵o̷p̷m̶e̶n̴t̴ ̸w̵i̴t̷h̷ ̵t̷h̴e̵ ̵S̸t̷e̴a̶m̵ ̸r̴e̸l̶e̶a̷s̴e̴ ̵p̶l̶a̷n̴n̷e̷d̶ ̶f̸o̸r̵ ̵D̸e̸c̵e̸m̶b̴e̴r̶ ̸5̶t̶h̴ ̶o̵f̸ ̴t̷h̶i̶s̶ ̴y̵e̷a̶r̴.̶ ̴

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