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Fall Into the Neon Abyss Demo Today!

Team17 and Veewo Games have today announced the launch of a demo for upcoming roguelike, Neon Abyss. Now available on Steam, the Neon Abyss timed demo allows players to drop into the heart of the vividly coloured, procedurally-generated dungeons, and destroy the enemies and modern god-like bosses that plague it.

Neon Abyss Demo Trailer (Steam)

The length of the demo is determined by the difficulty level chosen by players, with 15 minutes of fast-paced action available to those selecting ‘easy’; 18 minutes for ‘medium’ difficulty players; or 24 minutes of gameplay for players looking to take on the abyssal atrocities in ‘hard’ difficulty.

Neon Abyss key features:

  • Action-packed, procedurally-generated roguelike.
  • Collect more than 400 different items through the dungeons.
  • Uncover and complete minigames strewn throughout the game.
  • Collect and hatch pets along the journey.
  • Character custumisation.

N̵e̵o̸n̶ ̶A̵b̴y̴s̸s̴ ̴w̴i̵l̵l̸ ̵l̸a̷u̶n̵c̵h̷ ̸o̷n̷ ̸P̸C̴ ̵a̷n̶d̵ ̷c̸o̴n̸s̷o̷l̶e̷ ̷p̷l̶a̶t̶f̸o̶r̴m̸s̷ ̶i̵n̴ ̶2̷0̴2̷0̷.̷

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