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Funny Post-Apocalyptic Tactical Sandbox SwarmZ Launches on Steam

Mutiny Software is proud to announce the post-apocalyptic tactical sanbox SwarmZ is coming to Steam on November 29th.

W̷a̷t̶c̷h̷ ̴t̴h̷e̷ ̵l̴a̸u̵n̷c̸h̸ ̵t̴r̶a̵i̷l̵e̶r̴:̵

SwarmZ Launch Trailer (Massive Zombie Tactical Sandbox)

What is SwarmZ?

SwarmZ is a funny post-apocalyptic tactical sandbox in which you withstand massive zombie swarms by placing your units wisely.

SwarmZ relies on an ultra high performance custom made crowd rendering system, allowing you to experience 100,000+ zombies on screen!


  • Campaign.
  • Sandbox.
  • A bunch of silly units.
  • Famous post-apocalyptic locations (inspired by the greatest zombie movies and TV shows of all time).

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