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A Charming Thief and a Determined Princess Unveiled in New Trials of Mana Spotlight Trailer

SQUARE ENIX® today revealed the final character introduction trailer for Trials of Mana™, the anticipated upcoming entry in the beloved Mana series, showcasing two more of its playable cast of six unique heroes. Hawkeye is a laidback and charming young man hailing from the desert fortress of Nevarl, home to a guild of noble thieves, while Riesz is a young princess from the mountainous kingdom of Laurent and captain of the renowned Amazon guard, with an iron will and kind heart.

Trials of Mana – Character Spotlight Trailer: Hawkeye and Riesz (3/3)

Trials of Mana tells the story of six heroes as they battle against the forces of evil that threaten a world where Mana has been weakened. Players will craft varying experiences by selecting a party of three from these unique characters as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime to protect the very essence of Mana itself. Originally released in Japan as Seiken Densetsu 3 in 1995, Trials of Mana is a full, high-definition remake of the third entry in the classic Mana series, seamlessly bringing the beloved story and characters to a new, modern era of fans with real-time combat, beautiful 3D graphics and updated gameplay.

T̸r̶i̴a̴l̶s̸ ̷o̴f̷ ̸M̵a̵n̵a̸ ̶w̶i̷l̶l̴ ̵b̴e̵ ̴a̶v̶a̶i̴l̴a̴b̸l̵e̷ ̷f̴o̴r̵ ̷N̸i̸n̴t̶e̸n̵d̶o̶ ̵S̸w̷i̶t̷c̴h̶™̷ ̷s̴y̸s̸t̸e̶m̴,̷ ̴P̸l̶a̸y̸S̷t̸a̷t̸i̵o̸n̸®̷4̸ ̸c̵o̶m̸p̵u̴t̴e̵r̷ ̶e̴n̸t̶e̴r̷t̵a̵i̷n̷m̷e̷n̶t̷ ̸s̴y̷s̷t̶e̶m̵ ̶a̷n̷d̸ ̵S̵T̶E̴A̴M̸®̸ ̷o̴n̵ ̸A̶p̶r̸i̵l̵ ̵2̷4̶,̶ ̵2̷0̵2̶0̴.̴

Those who pre-purchase or purchase the physical or digital versions of the game by May 21, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation®4 system will receive a Rabite Adornment DLC, allowing players to gain more EXP after battles up to level 10. Pre-orders of the digital version of the game from the PlayStation®Store will also include an exclusive avatar set featuring the game’s six heroes, while those who pre-purchase or purchase from STEAM by May 21, 2020 will include the Rabite Adornment DLC as well as an exclusive wallpaper set.

Trials of Mana is releasing for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4 system and STEAM on April 24, 2020 and is now available for pre-order at

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