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Earth Analog (PC) – Deep Space Exploration Sim

Today Funcraft Games is proud to announce its upcoming PC game: Earth Analog. In Earth Analog you take control of the space vessel Eurisko XI in its quest through deep space. Its goal: find our new home.

In this space flight simulator you will have to keep your ship in one piece while traveling through mysterious and often dangerous worlds. Apart from steering and landing your ship and exploring distant planetary systems you will also have to keep all the ship systems operational, which involves prospecting and mining for fuel and water, upgrading ship systems and fixing broken parts. It’s all up to you, you are alone out there… or are you?

F̴o̸r̶ ̵f̶a̵n̴s̸ ̴o̴f̸:̴ ̷I̵n̷t̵e̶r̶s̶t̸e̵l̶l̵a̶r̴,̶ ̴G̷r̷a̷v̷i̵t̶y̶,̵ ̷S̴u̵n̵s̵h̴i̷n̴e̷.̸


  • An intriguing single player adventure based on a story full of drama and plot twists.
  • An atmospheric and newtonian flight model.
  • A fully raytracing based graphics engine brings never before seen worlds to life.
  • HOTAS support.
Earth Analog | Teaser Trailer | PC

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