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Holy Cow Productions’ Mystic Pillars Arrives on Steam March 2020

Holy Cow Productions is happy to announce their first game Mystic Pillars will launch March 2020 on Steam. The game is an original blend of intriguing puzzles and immersive narrative set in ancient India. Mystic Pillars reimagines the traditional Indian board game Ali Guli Mane or Chenne Mane in Kannada – similar to the popular board game known as Mancala across the world.

Play as a mysterious traveler whose journey lands you in the kingdom of Zampi. Resolve the drought plaguing the once prosperous kingdom by solving puzzles and destroying the magical pillars blocking the water. Over the course of your journey, you meet other characters and slowly uncover what exactly happened that led to the downfall of Zampi. The animated cut scenes in the game add to the story line and keep you wanting for more. Puzzles become more complex and challenging to solve with different configurations as you proceed further in the game.


  • A game based in the southern part of Ancient India.
  • 100 simple and unique logical puzzles.
  • Interesting story that reveals itself as you play.
  • Hand drawn colourful 2D artwork.
  • Supported in 20+ languages with 4 Indian Languages.
  • Animated cutscenes with voice over in English and Kannada (the local language in Bangalore, India).

M̴y̶s̴t̴i̷c̷ ̴P̸i̶l̶l̵a̷r̴s̷ ̸w̷i̶l̵l̵ ̷f̷u̸l̴l̸y̴ ̸r̸e̶l̷e̴a̸s̴e̴ ̴o̷n̸ ̵W̵i̸n̷d̴o̵w̷s̶ ̵P̶C̵ ̸M̶a̵r̷c̶h̶ ̸2̵0̸2̶0̸ ̴o̵n̸ ̸S̴t̵e̴a̷m̶.̸

Mystic Pillars Launch Trailer Steam

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