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Turn-Based Strategy RPG Tears of Avia to Release This Summer!

Today, PQube and developer CooCooSqueaky are excited to release Tears of Avia this summer! The turn-based strategy RPG will release for PC on Steam and Xbox One. Build a party of charismatic allies and utilise the vast skill-tree system in combat as you explore the beautiful world of Estera!

Find out how the story begins in our Announcement Trailer:

Tears of Avia – Announcement Trailer

Explore the World of Estera

The stunning world of Estera awaits, full of beautiful hand illustrated locations. Venture deep into murky woods, roam vibrant towns and ransack long forgotten tombs. From the dizzying heights of Tower Of The Ancients to the harsh lands of Arralash, the world is yours to discover!

Control the Flow of Combat

Customise your party to your own playstyle and carefully combine the five classes with their unique abilities. Explore the many combos between over 100 skills, which chain and react to one another to create an exciting amount of layers in Tears of Avia‘s combat!

Shape the Story your Way

Lead your party across Estera on your search for the forgotten city of Avalon and a long lost love. However, every action you take on the way can influence the narrative of your playthrough. There are no right or wrong choices, but the consequences can shape the way your journey unfolds!

G̴e̴t̶ ̵y̴o̶u̵r̸ ̴p̴a̸r̶t̶y̷ ̸r̶e̴a̵d̵y̴ ̶a̸n̴d̶ ̵e̴x̴p̶l̷o̵r̴e̵ ̷t̶h̴e̶ ̸w̷o̵r̸l̷d̴ ̴o̶f̶ ̵T̵e̵a̵r̷s̸ ̴o̵f̴ ̸A̸v̴i̷a̶,̴ ̶t̶h̵i̶s̴ ̵S̶u̸m̵m̴e̴r̷ ̷o̴n̸ ̵P̴C̴ ̸a̶n̴d̸ ̶X̵b̷o̵x̶ ̸O̸n̸e̷!̴

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