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Lockpickle’s Puddle Knights Arrives March 3rd on Steam

Lockpickle is excited to announce their first game Puddle Knights will launch March 3rd, 2020 on Steam. Puddle Knights is a turn-based puzzle game featuring medieval scenery and unique mud-and-cape based gameplay. You direct knights with a cape trailing behind them in a snakelike fashion, trying to get nobles to their goal without getting mud on any fancy clothes. The game builds up depth on top of an elegant set of unique core mechanics to provide a variety of challenging puzzles.

As the player, you will coordinate the movement of both the Knights and their less mud-resistant superiors with the goal of escorting them to their designated exit. To achieve this noble purpose, no sacrifice is too great: capes will tear and heads will be stepped on. However, it is your head that will be doing most of the heavy lifting in these puddle puzzles!


  • 90+ head-scratching levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Step on heads.
  • Tear up capes, hold down drawbridges and perform other inventive tactical maneuvers.
  • A fresh take on logic puzzles: no pressure plates, keys to collect or boxes to push.
  • Mistake-making and experimentation enabled by Undo and Reset functions.
  • No rush: all the time in the world to think and analyze.

P̵u̶d̶d̵l̷e̶ ̷K̷n̷i̵g̸h̴t̶s̷ ̵w̴i̸l̶l̸ ̸f̷u̸l̶l̶y̴ ̴r̷e̴l̴e̷a̶s̶e̶ ̶o̴n̴ ̴W̵i̸n̸d̵o̵w̵s̵ ̸P̵C̵ ̷a̵n̷d̶ ̷M̸a̵c̷ ̸M̸a̸r̴c̵h̶ ̸3̷r̵d̴ ̴o̷n̵ ̶S̷t̷e̸a̵m̶.̶

Puddle Knights – Gameplay trailer

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