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Prepare for Curse of the Dead Gods with the Gameplay Overview Trailer – The Temple Awaits You!

To celebrate the launch of Curse of the Dead Gods on Steam Early Access on March 3rd, Passtech Games and Focus Home Interactive are proud to present the Gameplay Overview Trailer. This trailer details the atmosphere, many dangers and mechanics in the Temple, giving you a run-down of everything from lore to how best to fight your enemies, using traps to your advantage and facing the effects of terrible curses.

Curse of the the Dead Gods – Gameplay Overview Trailer

With fast-paced and tactical combats with satisfying executions, this Rogue-lite will plunge you in an ever-changing maze where your greed will be put to the test. Pierce the darkness with your trusty torch and defeat the false deities to amass gold, new weapons and mighty relics. Whether you want more power or riches, you’ll always find meaningful choices to face here.

Curse of the Dead Gods is a modular game with great a lot of replayability, perfectly suited for the quick and responsive updates of an Early Access model. At the release, we already have a lot of content for you, but we also plan to add content on a regular basis based on the feedback of the community.

C̶u̶r̸s̴e̷ ̶o̵f̷ ̶t̴h̵e̴ ̵D̶e̷a̸d̶ ̷G̶o̵d̸s̸ ̸r̸e̶l̷e̷a̴s̵e̴s̴ ̵M̴a̴r̸c̵h̴ ̸3̷r̸d̴ ̷o̴f̷ ̶S̶t̵e̸a̶m̸ ̸E̶a̵r̵l̵y̴ ̷A̴c̸c̴e̵s̴s̸.̴ ̴

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