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To Hell with Hell Has Left Early Access!

It is February 25th, 2020, our final day on earth. A day that started just like any other day but someone went and left the doors to hell wide open. The apocalypse has arrived and during these last hours, we’d like to invite you to try out To Hell with Hell.

After roughly 20 years in Early Access, a final update was just released, adding new weapons, a new biome, new enemies and a new bossfight to the game. The time has come that you finally slip into the role of Natasia, a Russian stripper on her way to work when all hell breaks loose.

O̶u̶t̷ ̸n̴o̶w̶ ̷o̶n̸ ̵S̴t̵e̷a̴m̶,̶ ̵T̸o̴ ̵H̶e̶l̶l̶ ̷w̴i̸t̵h̶ ̴H̸e̷l̶l̵ ̴i̸s̵ ̷$̴1̴6̷.̶9̶9̵ ̶U̸S̴D̵ ̴a̸n̶d̸ ̵2̴0̴%̵ ̸o̸f̷f̶ ̶d̸u̴r̸i̶n̵g̸ ̷i̶t̷s̸ ̷f̸i̶r̴s̶t̵ ̶w̸e̴e̵k̸.̴

Key Features:

  • Masks! Since you’re wearing a bikini you should probably cover yourself behind masks (super effective!), transforming you into a knight, a demon or even a clown.
  • Tons and tons of weapons! You can even use a unicorn to slay your enemies (SERIOUSLY!).
  • Hell. For real. But also other places… because reasons.
  • Randomly generated levels – you’ll never know what to expect after each and every death. And there’ll be lots of deaths.
To Hell With Hell Release Trailer

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