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Infini Ascends to Steam Today

Infini, the psychedelic puzzle-adventure from developer Barnaque and publisher, launches on Steam today. The IGF finalist also has a free demo and will arrive on Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

In a realm that personifies the concepts of our daily lives, Hope has been dragged into an endless void and must find his way home. This bizarre adventure spans across more than 100 mind-bending challenges through 10 vastly different worlds full of outlandish characters and surprising encounters. To overcome these odds, Hope will learn new abilities to manipulate the environment and reach the next portal through Infinity.

Infini’s unique multiverse is inhabited by psychedelic imagery and an original ambient soundtrack by the studio’s band, Roche Ovale. Witness the experimental gameplay, audio design, and visuals in Barnaque’s new gameplay-focused launch trailer. By completing various puzzles and trials, Hope will uncover new areas where he’ll meet Time, War, Poetry, and many other oddities that will guide him through this strange journey.

Infini – PC Launch Trailer

Infini Key Features:

● Solve puzzles, meet unforgettable allies, and make your escape from a beautifully odd alternate dimension.

● Discover new abilities that allow you to uniquely explore levels.

● 100+ levels through 10 diverse worlds.

● Traverse a realm brimming with ambient music, psychedelic imagery, and an outlandish narrative.

● Hand-drawn cinematics and an original soundtrack byRoche Ovale with 20+ songs.

● Mind-bending gameplay that sways between meditative and chaotic.

I̴n̵f̵i̶n̷i̶ ̸i̸s̶ ̶a̷v̸a̶i̴l̴a̷b̸l̶e̵ ̸n̷o̸w̸ ̸o̶n̶ ̷S̴t̴e̶a̵m̴ ̸f̸o̶r̴ ̸$̸1̴1̸.̴9̷9̸ ̶U̴S̴D̷ ̸a̴n̶d̸ ̵i̷s̴ ̷p̴l̵a̶y̴a̸b̵l̸e̴ ̴i̷n̴ ̸b̶o̷t̵h̶ ̷E̷n̵g̶l̷i̶s̶h̴ ̸a̷n̵d̴ ̵F̸r̶e̷n̶c̶h̵.̶

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