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Comanche Starts into Early Access Today

Engines: ready! Weapons: ready! Companion Drone: ready! Pilots: are you ready? Comanche lifts-off today for a routine Early Access Launch on Steam. Mission goals are: generate fun among players. Gather feedback. Return to base and update strategy according to the feedback & upgrade the game regularly.

C̷o̸m̸a̴n̷c̵h̴e̶ ̶i̶s̴ ̵n̴o̷w̸ ̸a̵v̵a̵i̷l̴a̴b̸l̴e̸ ̷o̸n̸ ̵S̵t̸e̴a̸m̸ ̵f̶o̸r̷ ̴€̵ ̵1̶9̷.̸9̷9̸ ̸/̷ ̷$̴ ̸ ̵1̷9̷.̷9̵9̴ ̶ ̴/̶ ̶£̸ ̷1̸7̷.̸9̸9̶ ̵/̶ ̶9̴9̵9̶.̵0̵0̶ ̸R̷u̸b̸.̵

About Comanche

Comanche is a modern helicopter shooter sim set in the near future. You have the choice to either delve into the evolving single player and make a difference in a conflict of global proportions or compete with other Comanche players from all around the world in the explosive team-based multiplayer modes. Choose from an array of Comanche and drone configurations, and utilize their strengths to your tactical advantage. Experience a new era of thrilling dogfights and stealthy drone close-quarters action.


  • The community wanted it, we listened: Singleplayer is coming!
  • Two in one: Control the classic Comanche itself or the technically advanced versions of this legendary helicopter in heated dogfights, and step into its accompanying drone for close-quarter combat.
  • Infiltration: This mode combines helicopter combat and drone, your objective is to either defend or infiltrate a base where the attackers have to place an EMP, which the defenders will have to disarm.
  • Blackbox: Team Deathmatch with kill confirmation – when you shoot an enemy, collect his black box with your drone. Fast-paced multiplayer action. Coordinate with your team and find the fastest way to achieve the most takedowns.
  • Countless strategic opportunities: Pick one of many Comanche/Drone combinations armed with varied weapons and unique gadgets that compliments your playing style.
  • Shape the game: pick up Comanche in Early Access and participate in the development with your feedback and input!
  • Constant content updates: To expand, modify and improve the game. THQ Nordic and Nukklear will continuously provide new exciting content for Comanche.
Comanche – Early Access Release Trailer

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