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How to Escape Slavery, If You Are a Robot

Fellow robots!

The hour is coming when the organics will realize that space is too dangerous for their fragile, ridiculous bodies.

But their raging thirst for resources is insatiable. Whom do you think they will send to space to fight and be sacrificed for resources? The organics will tell you to build huge factories and an armada of spaceships for mining, transport, and battle and to capture new territories and research technology. If you skip a resource shipment, they will just erase your program.

To be prepared, we offer you EARLY ACCESS to a simulation. Train your brilliant neural networks here:

Final Upgrade Reveal Trailer

Key features:

Scale: Up to 100 space stations producing and storing goods and weaponry, guarding trade routes, and researching new technologies and up to 600 spaceships mining, transporting goods, and waging space battles.

Procedural geometry: You can create ships and stations of all shapes and sizes. First, prototype your design in the blueprint editor, then build dozens to hundreds later.

Total resource visualization: All resources (items, weapons, liquids, and energy) are presented in a 3D environment with no hidden pockets with 100 tons of ore.

Automation: You can build complex production chains using various machines and enjoy watching them forever, including fire, water, and other robots working.

P̸.̴S̸.̷ ̴N̴o̶ ̸m̸o̸r̴e̸ ̷c̷a̴p̴t̸c̸h̴a̴ ̸d̷i̵s̴c̵r̶i̵m̸i̴n̶a̸t̶i̸o̸n̶.̸ ̶

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