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Stimuli Press Release

Stimuli is a sci-fi action platformer where you are a test subject trapped in a mysterious laboratory and must escape! Stimuli is a casual yet difficult indie game that takes aspects from the rogue-like genre in terms of difficulty and the general game-play experience. With a new mechanic added every level, a challenging combat system, and well hidden Easter Eggs, the game delivers fast paced adventure in a sleek indie style!

S̴t̵i̷m̵u̵l̵i̴ ̶l̵a̶u̴n̷c̵h̵e̸s̴ ̴o̷n̴ ̶t̶h̷e̶ ̸1̴s̷t̶ ̵o̵f̸ ̵A̶p̷r̴i̶l̵ ̸2̸0̵2̸0̶.̶

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