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A Photography Game for Pros and Newcomers Alike

Maori made game studio, ORIGAME DIGITAL is set to release their ambitious new photography game for PC on April 28th. Taking place in Aotearoa/New Zealand, set in the shitty future during the events of a crisis you play a courier who delivers parcels while also taking photos on the side. Take photos with a variety of lens, equipment and photo editing options to create moments which capture the crisis over 8 distinct levels.

“Most photography games out there are usually relegated to the photography being an afterthought to the design. Such as a horror game with photography elements. With Umurangi Generation I wanted to create a game which captures the enjoyment of taking and sharing photos as well as the learning curve that comes with learning about how lenses work. This is photography game for professionals and newcomers alike” – Tali Faulkner (Lead Designer). After running an open demo early players were excited to see the full game. “Its shaping up to be the best photography game since Pokemon Snap!” says Calum Fraser of Alpha Beta Gamer “Umurangi Generation may be set in a grim future, but it’s a wonderful place to hang out and take photos. It’s a very chilled out experience and there’s lots of great little details and easter eggs to spot in the environment.”

Umurangi Generation Steam Trailer

Players can take photos of whatever they want. Complete Photo Bounties however they want and are free to explore the levels for as long as they want. ORIGAME DIGITAL are creating a photography game for a new generation of players.

Full Creative Control.

Snap, shoot and create beautiful photos with the inbuilt photo editor. Create your own unique aesthetic to share with other players.

Freedom at your own pace.

E̷x̷p̵l̴o̴r̷e̶ ̷a̴t̷ ̷y̸o̶u̷r̵ ̷o̴w̸n̸ ̶p̴a̶c̶e̵ ̸8̷ ̵d̸i̵s̷t̶i̵n̴c̷t̵ ̸l̵o̷c̴a̶t̶i̶o̸n̷s̴ ̵w̷i̴t̵h̷ ̶n̵e̸w̵ ̶c̴h̸a̴r̸a̷c̴t̷e̷r̸s̷,̸ ̶e̷q̵u̸i̸p̷m̸e̷n̸t̷ ̷a̸n̸d̸ ̷e̸v̵e̸n̷t̵s̷ ̴w̸h̶i̸c̷h̸ ̴w̶i̵l̷l̷ ̸t̵e̴s̸t̴ ̶y̷o̶u̶r̶ ̸s̷k̸i̷l̸l̷s̴ ̸a̸s̸ ̷a̸ ̷p̴h̴o̷t̸o̸g̴r̶a̷p̸h̷e̶r̷.̸

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