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Gloria Victis: Siege Is On its Way to Steam!

Take on the role of a group of civilians in a besieged castle and try to stay alive until rescue comes, even though you’re not a part of this war. However, the war’s fate is still in your hands – as a team of commoners, you must aid the soldiers defending their stronghold against overwhelming enemy forces until the last drop of blood is spilled. Ready your resources and support your soldiers via crafting, because Gloria Victis: Siege, a medieval survival & resource management game, will soon take over the Steam store.

Craft supplies and manage resources by day, scavenge throughout the fallen city by night. You’ll face hunger, injury, disease, and despair – as well as the growing tensions between civilians and the city’s last defenders. The soldiers won’t hold for long without your support, and if their defense fails, the invaders will have no mercy. But remember, rescue is already on its way.

Gloria Victis: Siege – Reveal Trailer

The Midlanders, proud of their lands of plenty, await the upcoming days with dread. Just before harvest season, dozens of drakkars arrived on the shores of Midland, bringing hordes of raiders from the frosty North – the Ismirs.

The raiders have devastated the land – plundering supplies, burning villages, and leaving a trail of peasant blood in their wake. Surviving civilians have hidden behind city walls in hopes of being saved by armed troops. When the invaders reached the gates, the ruling lord battled them in an open field to protect his people. Even though he and all his men perished, one messenger managed to cut through the enemy lines to find help.

The fate of this land is now in your hands. Can you support the castle’s last defenders long enough to wait for rescue?


  • A new take on medieval war – a unique castle siege vision, shown from the perspective of its citizens struggling to live day by day.
  • Meaningful decisions – in war, no choice is purely good or bad. You must choose between sustaining the soldiers’ strength and monitoring your own survival, all while maintaining your citizens’ morale.
  • Built-in level and scenario editor – a complete dev-kit will be provided, allowing users to tell their own stories or re-create events from the history of the Gloria Victis world.
  • Memorable atmosphere – Realistic visuals and a fantastic soundtrack created by Marcin Przybyłowicz and Magdalena Urbańska make Gloria Victis: Siege a genuinely emotional experience.
  • Endure the siege – Find ways to preserve food, and develop your infrastructure to use your supplies more effectively. Take the risk of sneaking into the fallen city plundered by the invaders to find precious resources, trade with scavengers, and help the surviving citizens – or exploit them.

G̵l̷o̵r̵i̶a̶ ̶V̸i̸c̴t̴i̴s̸:̵ ̷S̸i̷e̵g̶e̶ ̵i̴s̸ ̷s̸t̶i̸l̶l̷ ̵i̵n̸ ̷d̴e̴v̴e̴l̶o̷p̷m̴e̷n̴t̴,̶ ̸a̸n̶d̴ ̵i̸t̷s̷ ̷P̷C̸ ̶r̸e̷l̷e̷a̵s̴e̵ ̸d̸a̸t̷e̵ ̸w̴i̶l̸l̶ ̵b̵e̷ ̵a̷n̴n̴o̷u̷n̴c̶e̴d̸ ̶s̵h̸o̴r̶t̴l̷y̸.̴ ̶T̷h̷e̵ ̸g̴a̶m̸e̶ ̵w̷i̵l̷l̶ ̸b̷e̴ ̵l̴o̵c̷a̴l̶i̷z̷e̸d̸ ̷i̶n̴ ̸E̷n̶g̷l̷i̵s̷h̷,̷ ̴P̵o̶l̸i̶s̵h̵,̸ ̵C̴h̶i̶n̷e̴s̸e̸,̵ ̴R̷u̵s̵s̷i̴a̷n̵,̸ ̸a̴n̶d̸ ̴T̷u̴r̶k̶i̸s̸h̸.̵

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