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Fighting Game Community Love Letter Aerial Raver Launches on Steam Early-access

Meteo Games’ developer Justin Meagher is delighted to announce the release of Aerial Raver – a PC love letter to the fighting game community, and air combos in particular, onto Steam’s Early Access program today.

Aerial Raver is a single-player combo challenge game which takes the mechanics of classic fighters and re-imagines them into a mission-based format. Players will create and perform combos using their favourite fighting game moves and upgrade their characters and move sets in an attempt to construct the biggest, most mind-blowing combo imaginable.

The game launches into the arena with full gamepad, keyboard and arcade stick support, as well as 30 Moves, 60 Missions across 3 Wak-Bots, a ton of upgradable abilities, and a core set of customization options.

In future updates, Meteo Games plans to include more missions, combos, customization options, as well as online features (like recording and sharing combos), general accessibility updates for those new to the genre, and general polish throughout. Crucially, the release via Steam’s Early Access program allows Meteo Games to refine the game according to feedback from the fighting game community.

Meteo’s Justin Meagher had the following to say:

“I’ve had this concept for a game that celebrates the fighting game combo for years, and now it’s time to bring it to life. This is a game where your creativity and skill get to shine, and where experimentation and thinking outside the box are rewarded.

This is a project of passion and love for the fighting games I grew up playing, and the community that makes these games unforgettable. I’m hoping you’ll see that love and passion translate into the gameplay and visuals. This is also a project I want players to be a part of. By allowing players early access to provide vital feedback, the game can evolve into something truly unique and something the community can be proud of!”

A̶e̸r̶i̷a̶l̸ ̷R̵a̷v̶e̷r̴ ̶l̸a̸u̸n̷c̷h̸e̴s̸ ̶o̷n̴ ̸P̸C̶ ̷v̸i̷a̸ ̷S̵t̵e̷a̶m̸ ̴E̶a̸r̶l̵y̸ ̷A̴c̴c̷e̶s̷s̶ ̴t̷o̵d̷a̷y̸,̸ ̴t̶h̴e̶ ̵2̷5̷t̸h̵ ̸M̷a̸r̴c̴h̵,̷ ̸a̸t̷ ̴a̵ ̶d̸i̸s̷c̷o̷u̶n̸t̴e̷d̷ ̶l̷a̸u̴n̴c̶h̷ ̷p̸r̶i̷c̴e̷ ̵o̵f̴ ̷$̸1̵4̵.̶9̷9̸.̴

About Aerial Raver

Get Ready to Rave!
Aerial Raver is a love letter to the air combo fighting games of the 90’s arcade era. This single-player combo challenge game takes the mechanics of fighters and re-imagines them into a mission-based upgrade format. Re-live the fast-paced action, creating combos using your favorite fighting game moves.

Combine tons of fighting game moves and abilities like air dashing and teleporting to create the sickest air combos. The better your combo the more Combo$ you earn.

Use your hard-earned Combo$ to unlock powerful new moves and abilities. Upgrade those moves to make them more powerful, faster, or give them special properties.

Complete difficult combo challenges to level up and earn more Combo$. Unlock new combo Wak-Bots which have their own unique challenges and powers.

Key Features:
Fighting Combo Game: The depth and complexity of a fighting game combo system, with simple controls and a progression system to help you learn how to land the sickest combos.

Tons of Challenges: 60+ unique combo missions to start with and many more to come, plus randomized double down missions that let you risk it all for a huge reward. Missions allow you to use your own creative solutions to complete.

Build your Moveset: 30+ of your favorite fighting game moves with many more on the way. Customize your moveset with the moves you want. Create multiple movesets to use based on the situation.

Unlock and Upgrade: Lots of fighting game abilities and moves to acquire as you combo through the game. Want directional air dashes? Flight mode? Jump Cancels? You can have them all at once if you want. Power your moves and abilities up to give them better stats and new properties.

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