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The Town of Wadeville Is in Dire Need of a Defense in the Upcoming Weird West Game – Western Sigil

Smash the Code is a one-man-army development studio from the distant land of Poland. 10 years of experience and ton of ambitions guided Michal Soczynski to this moment in time when he decided that it’s the right moment to put some weird into the West and blow everyone’s minds.

Dead Redemption

It’s 1885 and everything goes to hell in the Wild West. Quite literally. Like, you know, skeletons, demons and other hellish creatures roaming the already not so peaceful town of Wadeville and its surroundings. A plague no one understands, besides the Indian chief, who is visited by the sheriff’s son. He reveals to the young gunman that the mystical portal was open and it’s the sole cause of the chaos. The only way to stop this madness is to destroy the magical sigil. Well, buckle up cowboy, as you have a job to do!
The mission to rescue the West and overcome the weird will take a lot of guts! Our courageous hero will need to traverse various landscapes, from grass prairies to snowy overpasses and battle many scary, otherworldly creatures. The whole region will unite to defeat the common enemy – the cowboys, Indians, Mexicans, and even National Guard will stand hand in hand with their weapons pointed towards scary beasts roaming the West!

Call of Towers 
Western Sigil makes a unique spin on the classical tower defense genre, sprinkling it with a pinch of strategy mechanics and resource management. You will hire new units and distribute them to proper terrain, which can determine their strengths and weaknesses, depending on the unit type. Plot ambushes, break defenses and outsmart the demons. But don’t forget that every cowboy needs rest in a nearby saloon. Travel from city to city between epic fights and buy new equipment for your gunmen, including many new weapons that will vary from unit to unit.

Your comrades will gain experience in battle, making them grow. They will attain new, powerful skills which will make the devilish beasts sorry that they’ve tried to invade the Wild West. And there are tons of ‘em. The variety of monsters you will encounter in-game is a good material for a separate bestiary book, a weird one, that is. In the midst of the most intense fights, you can deploy special premium units, which will surely help you conquer challenging bosses!

Western Sigil – Tower Defense | Announcement Trailer

W̴e̴s̶t̸e̴r̸n̵ ̵S̸i̶g̴i̵l̴ ̵w̴i̷l̶l̷ ̴t̵u̴r̵n̴ ̸y̴o̶u̶r̷ ̵p̵e̴r̷c̵e̶p̶t̵i̷o̶n̵ ̴o̷f̴ ̷t̸h̴e̶ ̷t̶o̴w̴e̵r̵ ̷d̴e̵f̴e̵n̴s̷e̷ ̶g̶e̵n̴r̵e̷ ̶u̵p̴s̶i̷d̸e̶ ̸d̸o̷w̴n̵ ̸i̸n̶ ̸2̸0̶2̷1̶.̴ ̸G̷e̷t̴ ̸r̴e̵a̴d̵y̶ ̶f̷o̶r̸ ̵t̵h̴e̷ ̵w̴e̷i̷r̴d̴,̶ ̴t̸h̴e̶ ̷b̶a̸d̴ ̸a̷n̶d̵ ̴t̵h̵e̷ ̴u̴g̷l̷y̴,̸ ̵a̴n̶d̸ ̶u̵n̴i̵t̵e̶ ̵t̷h̸e̸ ̸W̶i̸l̴d̶ ̸W̷e̵s̷t̶ ̶t̷o̵ ̸s̷t̷a̵n̴d̶ ̶u̶p̵ ̷t̸o̴ ̸t̸h̴e̷ ̶t̷h̷r̶e̶a̵t̴e̴n̴i̷n̶g̷ ̶g̸r̵o̷t̷e̶s̷q̷u̵e̶ ̶d̵e̸m̴o̵n̵s̶!̵

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