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Sink Your Teeth into Nighthawks: The Vampire RPG

Six months ago, you died and were reborn. A vampire. A predator. Not a mere creature of the night, but one of its masters.

Unfortunately, the secret is out. Vampire society has been exposed – and though your unnatural existence is tolerated, your thirst is not. You sought sanctuary in the one city willing to offer a fresh start, only to find suspicion and starvation waiting on its mean streets.

B̷u̶t̸ ̸t̷h̴a̸t̶’̴s̵ ̸a̷b̴o̵u̶t̸ ̷t̵o̷ ̸c̸h̷a̶n̶g̶e̵.̶ ̴E̷v̴e̷r̵y̸ ̴n̴e̶w̴ ̶e̴r̷a̸ ̶o̵f̷f̶e̵r̴s̷ ̸f̶r̵e̴s̸h̸ ̸o̶p̸p̷o̶r̴t̸u̴n̶i̷t̸i̵e̸s̷.̷ ̵E̵v̸e̸n̶ ̶o̸u̶t̶c̷a̶s̵t̶s̵ ̵c̵a̷n̷ ̶r̶i̵s̴e̷.̸

Nighthawks Teaser trailer

WELCOME TO NIGHTHAWKS Coming to Steam in early 2021, Nighthawks is an urban fantasy roleplaying game that challenges you to seize the night as a modern vampire in a newly awakened world.

  • Enter a twisted, darkly comic city where humans and vampires are struggling to live together.
  • Take over a failing nightclub on the wrong side of the tracks, and turn it into your personal empire through seduction, intimidation, and use of your unique supernatural gifts.
  • Befriend and recruit fellow outcasts, digging deep into their stories and harnessing their skills.
  • Explore a fully voiced, lavishly written world of dark shadows and bright neon, where your every decision will push the world toward a bold united future… or forever destroy any hope for peaceful coexistence.

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