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Umurangi Generation Release Date Announced: 19th of May 2020

ORIGAME DIGITAL is set to release its debut photography game Umurangi Generation for PC. Playism will be localising and publishing the game in Japanese and Chinese for the Asia region. As such, a world wide global release date has been chosen for 19th of May 2020. Set in a retro-future taking direct visual inspiration from Jet Set Radio and turn of the century anime classics, Umurangi Generation is a distinctly southern hemisphere title. Umurangi Generation is set to the backdrop of a crisis event taking place in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Umurangi Generation is the first full featured photography game on the market where the player has full control over how they take and edit their photos. In the game you are tasked with taking a set list of photos which are called Photo Bounties. These Photo Bounties are given descriptions such as “7 Birds”. This means the player must take a photo with these objects in it.

“̷Y̵o̵u̵ ̴c̴a̸n̸n̷o̵t̸ ̵p̶u̴n̶i̷s̴h̸ ̶c̷r̸e̶a̵t̸i̵v̸i̷t̶y̸”̸ ̵-̸ ̸N̴a̸p̵h̸t̷a̶l̶i̴ ̴F̶a̷u̸l̷k̵n̴e̸r̵

Umurangi Generation focuses on player expression and creative output. Director of the title Naphtali Faulkner explained that the games central focus on creativity is part of its core design philosophy. “The moment you tell players what is or isn’t a good photo this will condition players to take photos in a prescribed way. You cannot punish creativity. In this game the objectives can be completed in thousands of different ways. From looking at playtester footage, players are finding creative ways of taking a Photo Bounty that I never could have imagined”.

Umurangi Generation is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious games of 2020. There is already a free demo available on Steam.

The first Free form open ended photography game:

Umurangi Generation is not on the Rails or a photography component of a larger game. It is a fully featured photography game focusing entirely on the art of photography itself.

A photography game for beginners and pros:

Whether you are a seasoned photographer or a rookie looking to learn how to take photos. Umurangi Generation will ease players into taking photos using industry standard language and concepts. Pros should feel right at home with how lenses and editing works.

Full creative control:

Express yourself by creating beautiful shots using a wide variety of lenses, equipment and diverse editing suite of tools to give your photos a unique feel.

Umurangi Generation Steam Trailer

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