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Start Your Engines, Truckers! Heavy Duty Challenge Is in the Works and Will Hit Steam in Q4 2021

This extreme off-road simulation game is under development and will launch on Steam in Q4 2021 with the consoles releases coming at a later date. 

Drive a wide selection of huge and powerful trucks, overcome multiple, massively challenging terrains, and reach the top of the leaderboards to become an ultimate champion of truck trials. And if you like what you see, add the game to your wishlist on Steam, to be always up-to-date with all the news from the development.

Non-racing, but extremely competitive

Heavy Duty Challenge is a challenge-based, non-racing motorsport game in which truck drivers prove their skills by overcoming difficult terrain and obstacles. Drive through rocky fields of European quarries and finish every level with more precision and with a better skill than your opponents!

Inspired by Europa Truck Trial Motorsport Championships

A real-life event that is taking place all around Europe where professional truck driver teams have been competing against each other for over 30 years to win a champion title in truck trials. Heavy Duty Challenge is also licensed by Europa Truck Trial organizer.

Key Features:

  • Authentic simulation of off-road driving experience.
  • 12 real trucks, each with a unique cabin view.
  • 5 real locations recreated from actual truck trail championship areas.
  • Various customization options.
  • Realistic off-road physics and deformable terrain.
  • Lifelike visual and sound effects to enhance the experience.
  • Two perspectives: cabin view and TPP with 5 additional camera angles.
  • Competitive mechanics: leaderboards.
  • Gamepad and steering wheel support.
  • Championship Event and Career Mode!

H̴e̶a̶v̸y̸ ̸D̶u̴t̴y̵ ̷C̵h̸a̶l̶l̶e̷n̶g̸e̷ ̸w̵i̸l̶l̶ ̸p̵u̶t̸ ̷p̷l̵a̷y̶e̵r̷s̷ ̷i̴n̶ ̸t̶h̷e̸ ̸d̵r̶i̸v̸e̴r̶ ̸s̵e̷a̴t̷s̵ ̵o̸f̶ ̸e̴n̶o̶r̴m̷o̴u̵s̵ ̶t̴r̴u̷c̶k̷s̶ ̶i̷n̷ ̶l̶a̴t̵e̷ ̵2̷0̶2̷1̸.̵

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