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Fly Punch Boom! Gets Release Date, Coming 28th May to Switch and PC

Developer Jollypunch Games is delighted to announce that Fly Punch Boom!, a new over-the-top anime action beat’em up, will be coming to Switch and PC on 28th May.

Fly Punch Boom! “Ode to Punch” release date trailer – PC & Nintendo Switch

FLY PUNCH BOOM! is everything you’ve seen in your favourite anime fights. Fly fast and smash your friends so hard whole planets break in half. Ram skyscrapers, whales and asteroids in their faces, chase them and unleash over-the-top super moves. It’s all about the joy of punching!

  • Local and online multiplayer, up to 4 players local & 2 online.
  • Arcade mode, unlockables and secrets for solo players.
  • Destructible stages where everything is a trap and everything is a weapon!
  • Anime super fights with flying smashes, deformed faces and insane special moves.
  • 40 stage fatalities: get mauled by cats, break the planet in half, or explode in the moon’s butt!
  • High impact cartoon graphics that zoom from space to a character’s face.
  • K̶i̸c̸k̶a̵s̶s̶ ̸a̵n̶i̶m̶e̴ ̶s̸o̶u̴n̵d̶t̶r̶a̸c̶k̷ ̴b̷y̸ ̶G̴i̶o̶r̸g̵i̷o̶s̴t̶.̵

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