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In Space, No One Can Hear You Get Down

Digital board game specialists, Thunderbox Entertainment, have been working hard to bring you a space opera with a twist, in the form of The Captain is Dead… but you can’t have an opera without great music!

Fortunately, top synth-wave producer, Occams Laser, has joined the crew to provide an electrifying, old-school soundtrack to match the intense, alien-blasting, survival-strategy action.

T̴h̶i̷s̸ ̶i̶s̷ ̴w̴h̸a̵t̴ ̷m̵u̴s̴i̸c̴ ̶l̶o̷o̴k̵e̴d̷ ̶l̶i̶k̶e̷ ̷i̷n̴ ̷t̸h̵e̶ ̵8̶0̷’̷s̸.̶ ̸W̴o̶u̶l̶d̷ ̶y̸o̶u̵ ̸b̵e̶l̷i̸e̴v̶e̵ ̷t̵h̷a̴t̵ ̸v̵i̸d̶e̷o̷ ̷g̴a̸m̶e̶s̵ ̶u̵s̸e̶d̶ ̶t̵o̶ ̸c̴o̶m̴e̵ ̷o̶n̵ ̸c̸a̷s̷s̷e̵t̸t̴e̴ ̴t̸a̸p̵e̸s̸ ̵t̶o̶o̸?̷ ̵I̷t̶’̷s̷ ̵t̸r̵u̸e̵!̷

The Captain is Dead’s low-poly aesthetic is a 3D reimagining of the original board game’s unique art style, and Occam’s modern-retro sounds are a perfect match, delivering a sonic experience that feels like Queen’s Flash Gordon remixed by John Carpenter.

But creating a quality soundtrack isn’t just about slapping some cool tracks together: Occam’s epic electro beats will be conducted by the game itself, keeping it low and mellow while you plan your move, switching up intensity when doom is imminent, and chilling out when the embattled crew finally catch a break.

If you think your ear holes are up for the challenge, you can listen to some choice cuts from the soundtrack right here!

The Captain is Dead will be dropping out of Hyperspace on PC and Mobile very soon, but there are three things you can do to help save the galaxy right now…

  1. Sign up for beta testing to get an early preview!
  2. Wishlist The Captain is Dead on Steam!
  3. Share the game’s webpage with your friends!

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