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Silver Bullet Games Announces the Release Date of Isle of Spirits on Steam and Xbox For June 10, 2020

Kevin Drure, founder of Silver Bullet Games announces that “Isle of Spirits”, a casual survival game set to be released on Steam and Xbox One on June 10th, 2020 at 9AM PDT

Castaway, you wake up on the beach of a deserted and mysterious island. Find food, craft tools and shelter to ensure your survival. Avoid devastating natural and unnatural phenomena and find a way to escape the island of spirits.

Isle Of Spirits – Gameplay Footage

Easy to play and with a pleasant musical and graphic environment, designed in voxel and low-poly, Isle of Spirits is designed for casual gamers as well as fans of survival games. In addition, the slow pace of the game and the soft curve of difficulties allow everyone to approach the game in a chill manner and to finish it in several sessions of play.

However, the lack of a tutorial and the Permadeath game mechanic represents a challenge and a real survival experience. The player must analyze his environment and overcome the challenges imposed by each season, especially the harsh winter. He must learn how to survive the climatic disasters such as earthquakes, monsoons and tornadoes that appear randomly but also be wary of the strange fog that covers the island from time to time.

“̷I̵ ̷d̶e̶s̸i̴g̷n̷e̴d̷ ̷I̸s̷l̶e̷ ̶O̶f̴ ̷S̸p̴i̷r̶i̸t̵s̵ ̴t̶o̸ ̶o̶f̸f̸e̸r̷ ̶a̶ ̸u̸n̸i̵q̴u̸e̵ ̵s̸u̸r̵v̶i̴v̸a̵l̴ ̶g̵a̶m̵e̵ ̸e̷x̵p̷e̸r̷i̴e̴n̷c̷e̴ ̸t̸o̴ ̶b̷e̷ ̸p̸l̷a̶y̷e̶d̸ ̶c̵a̶s̷u̸a̸l̸l̶y̷ ̴s̷o̵ ̴t̸h̷a̵t̶ ̴t̴h̵i̴s̷ ̴k̶i̷n̷d̵ ̵o̸f̶ ̶g̶a̵m̶e̴ ̴i̸s̶ ̶a̵c̶c̷e̸s̶s̵i̴b̶l̸e̴ ̴t̶o̵ ̸a̴l̵l̴ ̸p̷l̵a̸y̵e̵r̶s̴”̵

– Kevin Drure

Key Features

  • Casual gaming experience – slow pace, soft curve of difficulty, daily in-game auto save.
  • Cute design – Mix of voxel and low poly.
  • Survival challenges – no tutorial and no manual save. Analyze and learn from your environment.
  • Permadeath – start a new survival attempt at each death. Learn from your past experiences.
  • Natural disasters – Earthquakes, tornadoes, monsoons and strange fogs occur at random, is the island hostile to your presence?
  • Crafting – Find resources, make items, tools for your survival and build a useful shelter.
  • Agriculture – Cultivate and control your food source.
  • Mini-game – Cooking may not be as easy as usual.
  • Infinity of Islands to explore– A new island is procedurally generated for each new game.

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