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Heavy Duty Challenge Gameplay Revealed on the First Teaser Trailer

Heavy Duty Challenge is a non-racing but heavily competitive motorsport game inspired by Europa Truck Trial Motorsport Championships. This real-life event with huge trucks and over 30-years of tradition is now taking place via the Internet for the first time in history due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Developers from Nano Games took this very seriously and are working to make Heavy Duty Challenge the best possible reflection of Europa Truck Trial. Using the amazing possibilities of photogrammetry technology and the studio’s own original engine, they took authentic vehicles and locations and implemented them into the gameplay.

Check out the first gameplay teaser to find out how realistic this simulator game is going to really be:

Heavy Duty Challenge – First Gameplay Teaser | Nano Games

Key Features:

  • Authentic simulation of off-road driving experience.
  • 12 real trucks, each with a unique cabin view.
  • 5 real locations recreated from actual truck trail championship areas.
  • Various customization options.
  • Realistic off-road physics and deformable terrain.
  • Lifelike visual and sound effects to enhance the experience.
  • Two perspectives: cabin view and TPP with 5 additional camera angles.
  • Competitive mechanics: leaderboards.
  • Gamepad and steering wheel support.
  • Championship Event and Career Mode!

H̶e̵a̵v̴y̵ ̸D̵u̵t̷y̷ ̷C̴h̴a̵l̵l̶e̷n̸g̷e̸ ̶i̴s̷ ̸u̷n̴d̷e̵r̷ ̶d̴e̸v̵e̴l̴o̶p̸m̴e̸n̷t̷ ̸a̶n̴d̶ ̴w̶i̵l̸l̸ ̶h̸i̶t̴ ̷S̵t̵e̶a̶m̴ ̶i̷n̶ ̸Q̵4̷ ̸2̵0̴2̸1̴.̸

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