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Boss Rush Game Starena Releases Tomorrow

Prepare your robotic weapons, gladiator, you are about to enter the arena of the most popular sport in the universe! Publisher Gamera Game and developer Darksun Studio release tomorrow Starena, a boss rush arena game with RPG elements, for $14.99 / €12.49 with a launch discount of a 10% off. In Starena, each battle is a boss fight against a new unique enemy with its own mechanics, special moves and weaknesses. All of them are bigger, stronger and meaner than you – only your skills and wits will allow you to overcome every challenge!

Starena also includes some RPG elements. You can customize your weapon and mecha with the parts you pick during your battles, crafting unique weapons that are truly yours. You’ve got something else on your corner other than your skill and cunning: the audience, always willing to cheer for the underdog! Give them what they want by achieving in-game dynamic goals and they’ll help you with medkits and other special items. You can also personalize your entourage by choosing your best fans who will accompany you to the arena. Each can help you in different ways; you can position them in different places among the crowd so you always know where to turn for help! 


  • FAST-PACED HECTIC ACTION: Enter the arena and face the challenge of varied boss fights in a hectic fighting experience!
  • DESTROY THE ENEMY BIT BY BIT: Every boss is designed with destroyable and detachable parts. Destroying them not only makes your enemy lose power – you can use the broken pieces to turn the tide of the battle in your favor!
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR MECHA: Pick fallen components and use them to customize your weapons and skin to gain new powers. In later stages, you can even customize the voxel boxes to craft a unique weapon that is truly yours!
  • PLEASE THE CROWD: Complete in-battle tasks that the audience will give you to earn their devotion and to make them help you during every encounter. You’re fighting for their enjoyment, after all!
  • BRING YOUR BEST FANS: Choose between different types of fans to become your most prominent fans. They will follow you to every battle and drop items to help you out on the battlefield!
  • 3D VOXEL ART, ADRENALINE-PUMPING MUSIC: A unique art style with catchy, adrenaline-pumping music to make you experience the thrill of the Starena Gladiator Tournament!
  • O̶N̵L̵I̴N̵E̷ ̸L̶E̶A̶D̴E̴R̸B̸O̴A̶R̶D̸S̸:̷ ̴H̵o̸n̵e̴ ̶y̴o̷u̴r̷ ̷s̷k̵i̵l̶l̷s̴ ̸a̵n̵d̷ ̷t̸r̸y̷ ̴t̶o̵ ̵g̷e̷t̶ ̵i̶n̷ ̸t̵h̴e̴ ̵w̵o̵r̷l̶d̴w̵i̸d̵e̷ ̵l̴e̶a̸d̴e̵r̵b̵o̷a̷r̴d̵s̵ ̶b̷y̸ ̸d̶e̸f̵e̷a̸t̶i̶n̷g̵ ̴y̸o̴u̸r̵ ̶e̸n̷e̶m̷i̶e̴s̸ ̷a̵s̶ ̴f̵a̸s̸t̸ ̸a̷s̵ ̴p̸o̶s̷s̴i̶b̴l̵e̸!̶ ̵
Starena new trailer video

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