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Cannibal Cuisine: Chase – Kill – Cook – Feed!

Cook ‘em up Cannibal Cuisine, now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch! Turn tourists into treats for the evil god Hoochooboo… before he eats you! You and your fellow cannibals will need to cook, fight and use platforming skills to make it through every level and finally defeat Hoochooboo in his volcano lair. A chaotic couch party experience for 1-4 players, local or online, co-op or versus!

Cannibal Cuisine I Official Release Trailer – Nintendo Switch & Steam

More than just cooking in Cannibal Cuisine
Indulge in some cartoon violence as you beat up tourists to collect their body parts for the devilish dishes demanded by Hoochooboo. Pick a voodoo power like fire breathing or stunning stomps, decorate your chef, and test your skills in locations from trap filled temples to idyllic beaches and live volcanos. Special ‘boss’ levels pose a unique challenge that may not have anything to do with cooking! The whole 24 level campaign can be played with 1-4 people… and if you get tired of working together, play versus mode and try to outcook your former friends!

Food for thought
Cannibal Cuisine is the latest PC and Nintendo Switch release from the indie trio who make up Rocket Vulture. In a fortunate twist of fate, two childhood friends met a third aspiring game maker as neighbors in their home country of Belgium, bonding over BBQ (a fitting background for Cannibal Cuisine). Being fans of Overcooked and all kinds of arcade games, the team quickly settled on the concept: an Overcooked style cook ‘em up featuring combat, magical powers and a little platforming.

Developer Toon van Wemmel said: “We’re so thrilled to be releasing Cannibal Cuisine today! We’d like to thank the Belgian VAF for their support, and everyone who tried out the demo or spread the word about the game. The feedback we’ve got from players has been useful and inspiring in equal measure. It’s awesome to see people enjoying the demo and we can’t wait to see how people react to the full version!”

C̴a̶n̴n̶i̶b̴a̶l̴ ̶C̴u̴i̸s̴i̷n̷e̵ ̷i̷s̶ ̸2̵5̵%̵ ̴o̸f̶f̷ ̷i̸n̸ ̶s̶t̶o̷r̵e̵s̵ ̴a̵s̶ ̵p̵a̸r̸t̷ ̶o̶f̴ ̷t̶h̸e̵ ̴l̵a̸u̸n̴c̶h̶ ̷c̶e̷l̷e̸b̸r̵a̸t̶i̵o̷n̵ ̶d̸i̴s̸c̵o̵u̶n̵t̸!̵ ̴G̵r̷a̵b̵ ̶i̵t̷ ̵w̴h̸i̸l̸e̴ ̵i̷t̵’̸s̶ ̷h̶o̵t̷!̶

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