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Multiplayer Artillery Game ShellShock Live Goes for the Gold with Full Featured 1.0 Release on Steam

After 2 million units sold, 70 million plays and 165 updates, kChamp GamesShellShock Live has now reached the famed 1.0 milestone. The Steam version now boasts a massive number of new features and content, including: the long-awaited Scenario Editor, 10 new bonus missions, new weapons, and an all-new game mode – Vortex! Console versions will be updated to 1.0 in the near future.

Originally a popular Flash game, ShellShock Live is a strategic online multiplayer artillery game reimagined for Steam and modern game consoles – including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With strong emphasis on leveling up, upgrading tanks, and unlocking new weapons and items, ShellShock Live challenges players to take part in 8-way turn-based teams or free-for-all skirmishes where the goal is to wipe out the competition and remain the last player standing. Fans of Scorched Earth, Pocket Tanks, and Worms will be right at home.

There are more than 400 unique weapons, hundreds of terrains, several battle-ready items, and a smorgasbord of tanks for all inclinations. ShellShock Live’s battles are highly strategic, with a focus on team-based tactics. Beyond the insanely fun gameplay, players can also tinker with a vast tech-tree, upgradable weapons, and 80 unique levels – while also enjoying a clear sense of progression.

“It’s truly humbling to see your little Flash game make it to millions of homes both on desktop systems (Windows, Mac and Linux) and consoles. Reaching 1.0 – and exiting Steam Early Access – is a huge deal,” says Kyle Champ, founder of kChamp Games. “It means that the countless hours our most loyal players spent in the game didn’t go to waste. (Quite the contrary, in fact!) With nearly 170 updates, ShellShock Live has gotten better and better – thanks to our incredible community. Today, we’re celebrating 1.0. Tomorrow … it’s back to work!”

New Features / 1.0 Release (Steam)

  • Play 10 brand new bonus missions in single-player mode.
  • Try out 7 new weapons, 2 new items, and a new Vortex game mode.
  • Explore the custom Scenario Editor to make your own maps, add enemies and obstacles – and test out your creation.
  • Enjoy tons and tons of more goodies to celebrate the 1.0 milestone!

Key Features (All Platforms)

  • Fight alongside your friends – or blow them up (we won’t judge!): Take part in action-packed 8-player team and free-for all battles. Tactical gameplay is essential for victory – while numerous distinct tanks, weapons, items, maps, and play styles make every match unique.
  • Way too many weapons: It’s a bit ridiculous. Unlock, upgrade, and master over 400 unique power-packed weapons – from the intimidating Seagull to the ever-powerful Mega-Nuke. The best part is that we’re building and adding more daily.
  • Loads of modes: Armored carnage must get old after a while, right? Wrong. Unique game modes keep things fresh and give you the opportunity to demolish tanks in a multitude of ways.
  • Become the best there ever was: Earn XP to level up and become king of the battlefield. Play through 100 unique ranks – each with their own rewards and unlocks. Global leaderboards and rankings keep things spicy.
  • Upgrade EVERYTHING: And when we say everything, we mean everything! Upgrade your tank. Upgrade your skills. Upgrade your items. Upgrade your arsenal. All 400+ of the game’s weapons can be upgraded to more powerful versions.
  • Nature doesn’t stand a chance: Fully destructible terrain creates a dynamically changing battlefield. Earthquakes and other natural disasters keep you on your toes (just like in real life)!

Pricing & Availability

S̸h̵e̴l̷l̵S̶h̴o̸c̴k̵ ̷L̷i̵v̷e̶ ̶c̴a̶n̴ ̸b̸e̴ ̵p̸u̷r̷c̵h̸a̶s̶e̷d̷ ̶f̸o̷r̴ ̷$̶6̸.̴9̵9̴ ̸o̶n̶ ̸S̴t̶e̴a̶m̵ ̵a̷n̵d̵ ̷i̵s̸ ̸c̷o̸m̶p̴a̷t̴i̷b̸l̶e̴ ̵w̷i̴t̸h̷ ̴W̸i̴n̶d̵o̷w̴s̵,̶ ̵M̸a̶c̵,̶ ̷a̵n̸d̶ ̶L̴i̷n̸u̶x̷.̴ ̸(̶A̶ ̶b̷u̸n̶d̴l̶e̴ ̶t̷h̸a̸t̸ ̸i̵n̷c̵l̷u̶d̴e̶s̴ ̶f̵o̵u̸r̸ ̴f̸u̸l̵l̸ ̷c̵o̶p̴i̷e̷s̴ ̸s̴o̶ ̴f̸r̸i̶e̴n̷d̷s̵ ̵c̶a̵n̴ ̷p̸l̵a̴y̸ ̷t̷o̷g̴e̴t̷h̸e̴r̶ ̸r̷e̶t̶a̷i̴l̷s̸ ̵f̷o̸r̴ ̷$̸1̸9̸.̵9̸9̶.̴)̵

ShellShock Live v1.0 Official Trailer

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