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Ex-Blizzard Employee Launches Card Battler Cardnarok: Raid With Gods

Greedy Wolf Studio today launch card-battling mythical adventure Cardnarok: Raid With Gods into Early Access with a brand new trailer. Create a team of mythological legends, devise the perfect deck, and conquer an unforeseen evil in this epic Slay the Spire-like adventure.

Cardnarok: Raid with Gods Early Access Trailer

With inspiration drawn from both physical tabletop games and card battlers, Cardnarok: Raid With Gods is a deckbuilding roguelite card game in which you discover, collect and harness the power of the Gods to battle your way to victory.

Designed by an ex-Blizzard employee of six years, Cardnarok pulls inspiration from legends of the genre including Slay the Spire, setting you off on procedurally generated encounters with not one, but three heroes of your choice at a time. Swap between them mid-battle to change the effects of your cards, and unleash devastating combinations on your foes.

Fill your deck with ‘Divine cards’ that uniquely alter their effect to reflect the God or Goddess on your front row. With these dynamically shifting cards, you’ll be ready to change and adapt your battle strategy in the middle of battle, no matter what the enemy throws at you. Send a thunderbolt for direct damage with Zeus, heal your wounded teammates with Aphrodite’s touch, or defend your team with the shield of Ares. 

Players can currently recruit a team of the most powerful beings from Greek and Egyptian fables, but Greedy Wolf look to recruit deities from all the greatest stories from a wide range of cultures, including Chinese, Norse, Hindu, and Japanese mythological giants.

Greedy Wolf Founder Frank Chang said, “In an era where card games are so saturated in the market, we hope to develop original gameplay that utilizes a brand new and robust combat system capable of creating expandable combinations and high replayability.

W̵e̸ ̵g̵e̷n̶u̵i̶n̷e̶l̴y̵ ̴b̷e̶l̷i̶e̷v̶e̶ ̸t̷h̷a̸t̶ ̴w̵e̷ ̸h̵a̸v̶e̴ ̶c̷r̸e̵a̶t̷e̵d̴ ̵s̴o̸m̶e̵t̷h̵i̶n̴g̷ ̵s̸p̷e̷c̴i̷a̵l̵ ̷a̴n̷d̶ ̸u̷n̴i̸q̸u̷e̴ ̸t̴h̷a̴t̷ ̸p̵l̵a̵y̷e̸r̶s̷ ̷w̵h̵o̸ ̸l̷o̴v̸e̵ ̶t̵h̵e̴ ̷c̵a̵r̶d̵ ̷b̷a̸t̸t̵l̶e̴r̸ ̵g̶e̴n̶r̶e̷ ̷s̵h̵o̵u̴l̵d̴ ̴d̷e̵f̸i̷n̵i̵t̷e̶l̸y̶ ̵p̸i̴c̸k̷ ̷u̸p̵ ̸a̸n̶d̴ ̶g̷i̷v̴e̶ ̸a̶ ̸t̷r̵y̵.̴

Cardnarok: Raid With Gods launches into Early Access on May 26th onto PC via Steam.

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