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New Trailer for Vehicle Building, Puzzle Platformer Making it Home

Making it Home is a vehicle building, puzzle platforming game coming to Steam Early Access this Summer. Today we have a new trailer to share along with the announcement that we are sending out preview keys to press. Contact us today to get your key.

M̸a̷k̸i̶n̴g̴ ̴i̴t̵ ̴H̴o̶m̸e̷ ̸i̴s̶ ̶o̵u̷r̴ ̶t̷h̵i̸r̷d̴ ̶t̷i̶t̷l̴e̵ ̷a̴n̶d̵ ̵w̷i̴l̷l̷ ̴b̵e̵ ̵a̵v̷a̷i̸l̵a̶b̴l̴e̸ ̴o̸n̶ ̵W̷i̷n̷d̴o̷w̶s̶ ̷a̷n̴d̴ ̶L̸i̸n̵u̷x̷.̴

You’re a ladybug building a marvellous contraption to travel from one side of America to the other. Bounce around your vehicle, hoisting sails, squeezing bellows, and spinning propellers. How will you make it home?

Design and engineer your vehicle. What you build, and where, matters. Discover new components and your favourite combinations along the way. Bounce around a vehicle of your design. Will you collect every coin? Will your catapult get you to the bellows? Or will you master the propeller? Pick your route across the USA, getting to know quirky animal friends (and foes) along the way. Explore the interactive narrative written by David Towsey (The Walkin’ Trilogy, Widow’s Welcome) while the original sound track by Jordan Rees (Whose music is regularly used in blockbuster film trailers by studios including Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate and Studio Canal and is used by major television broadcasters including BBC, ITV, SKY, HBO, MTV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.) keeps you in the mood for a road trip.

Vehicle Building Game Trailer: Making it Home (2020)

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