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Prepare for Hardspace: Shipbreaker Early Access Launch on June 16 with the Gameplay Overview Trailer

Blackbird Interactive and Focus Home Interactive are excited to bring Hardspace: Shipbreaker, a brand new IP for this space sandbox salvaging game, to PC via Steam Early Access in less than a month, on June 16. With the new Gameplay Overview trailer, future players will learn everything they need to know about the hard life of a shipbreaker for Lynx Corporation, cutting up and salvaging derelict spaceships in orbit above Earth.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker – Gameplay Overview Trailer

Expand and upgrade your arsenal of high-tech salvaging tools in a sci-fi sandbox

From the tools at your disposal, their best use-cases, to how to make the most money from every ship you’re sent to cut apart, learn everything there is to know to be a successful spaceship salvager. Hidden dangers, valuable logs, and the deep history of this brand-new, realistic sci-fi universe are concealed inside every vessel. As you become an experienced cutter, you’ll upgrade your gear and skills on the path to paying off your debt and making a home out in the solar system. Of course, every mistake costs you, so you’ll need to be at your best even in a fully upgraded rig.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker comes to Steam Early Access June 16, and will be available on PS4 and Xbox One at a later date. You can wishlist the game now on Steam.

Key features

  • Experience daily life as a blue-collar spaceship salvager, working to pay off your debt.
  • Cut and destroy at will within a next-generation physics simulation.
  • Upgrade tools and unlock new perks to take on harder contracts..
  • Join the community within an ever-evolving galaxy as new ships, campaign acts, mod support and more arrive throughout Early Access.

The game

Welcome to LYNX, the galaxy’s leading ship-salvaging corporation!

Across your career, you’ll have the privilege of paying your debt to us by purchasing salvaging rights to increasingly large and valuable ships. Cut them open and extract as much value as possible!

You are equipped with the latest in LYNX tech. Slice through material at any angle with your cutter. Carve entry points, cut off profitable materials or slice scrap metal into a million pieces as you ponder a lonely existence… the possibilities are endless! Be cautious – dying is extremely unprofitable.

We strongly advise upgrading your tools, helmet and suit to take on more lucrative contracts – all you need to worry about is how you’ll pay for it!

As of today, your debt amounts to:

Good luck on the job, cutter!

H̸a̵r̷d̷s̶p̸a̶c̷e̵:̷ ̴S̸h̷i̵p̸b̸r̷e̶a̵k̶e̸r̸ ̴w̸i̸l̴l̵ ̴r̶e̶l̸e̴a̶s̶e̸ ̵i̵n̴ ̵E̶a̷r̶l̴y̸ ̸A̸c̷c̶e̷s̴s̵ ̷o̵n̷ ̴S̴t̸e̴a̵m̷ ̵o̵n̷ ̶J̷u̵n̸e̷ ̵1̸6̵,̶ ̵2̴0̵2̵0̸.̵

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