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Wreck Tangle Games Have Today Released the Detective Thriller Game CAMEO: CCTV Detective

In a world where CCTV cameras are always aimed our way, many crimes have been solved by these electronic eyes of the law. In CAMEO: CCTV Detective, Wreck Tangle Games have managed to capture the art of scouring through this footage to identify suspects and solve crimes.

Inspired by television shows like ‘See no Evil, CAMEO: CCTV Detective portrays how vital CCTV footage can be in cracking a case.

A typical assignment in CAMEO starts with you on foot, you must head to crime scenes to find the cameras to use in the investigations, along with clues that may help identify the culprit. Once these have been found it is off to the Police Station to scour through the footage. Objectives are given to our player through emails, these emails will give you extra information on what may have happened at a crime scene, along with what to look for in the CCTV footage. These can range from finding a Vehicle License Plate number to identifying where a suspect disappeared to.

The Computer that acts as the main hub for our crime solving detective is filled with other software to keep you amused too, including a fully working Internet Brower (that is bookmarked to a website called ‘Detective Dating’), and everchanging mini games to play.

With CCTV becoming evermore useful in the hands of the law, CAMEO is perfect for any fans of Detective games.

C̷A̶M̴E̸O̷:̸ ̵C̷C̸T̶V̶ ̷D̷e̷t̶e̸c̵t̷i̶v̴e̶ ̶i̶s̵ ̸O̴u̴t̵ ̶N̷o̷w̵ ̴o̷n̷ ̵S̸t̴e̷a̵m̴.̴


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