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Legends of Ellaria Heads to Full Release on Q3 2020

It’s been a long road since the Early Access release in July, 2017, but the path of Legends of Ellaria towards full release is almost complete: Larkon Studios are working on thefinal steps of the game’s development and announced that Legends of Ellaria will be released on Early Q3.

To celebrate the end of this journey, Larkon Studios is publishing a series of dev diaries to offer some insights into the studio, the game mechanics, and Ellaria’s universe. Here’s a summary of all the content published so far about the anticipated full release version of Legends of Ellaria. 

After explaining how Larkon Studios was born and introducing the team behind Legends of Ellaria, the second entry of the dev blog focused on the setting of the game Ellaria, a world located at a crossroad of a sort – a junction between worlds where you can hop across dimensions. Your character came to Ellaria after crossing a portal, fleeing along with your subjects from the conflict in your own homeworld. In Ellaria you found other races and factions, and you will have to carve a place in the world for your people in order to survive. 

In the third entry of the dev blog, Larkon Studios explores the unique blend of real-time strategy and first-person RPG that is core to the experience of Legends of Ellaria. The game operates in two levels: one as a hero, another as a king, which means that in some parts players will be controlling their character in their adventures; in the second, they will have to manage their own kingdom. Different factions fight to control Ellaria’s world, so it will be extremely important to find a way to deal with them to carve a place in the world for your kingdom, either by keeping them under control through diplomacy or by defeating them in the battlefield – a topic discussed in the fourth blog of this series. And today, a new blog was published explaining more details about quests and first-person exploration of the world, as well as more details about how Heroes will work


Legends of Ellaria is a unique blend of First-Person/Real-Time Strategy Adventure and Role Playing Sandbox game where you can build your own kingdom, fight epic battles and explore an immersive fantasy world. You play as a lord who flees from a dying world with his subjects, founding a new kingdom in the world of Ellaria – a crossroad between dimensions where other factions and races have settled, just like you, and fight for control over the priced magical resource of the Rifstones. Explore a vast world in first-person adventures, build your cities and kingdom in real-time strategy mechanics, command your armies and lead them from the front lines, or send your heroes and generals to lead your forces for you!


  • Swap between world management, real-time strategy and first-person modes at any time.
  • Recruit, lead and command your armies.
  • Command your soldiers and heroes.
  • Construct cities building by building, in multiple regions.
  • Rule your kingdom’s economy, upgrade your cities, armies and your own skills.
  • Interact with other kingdoms, expand your own kingdom by conquest or through diplomacy.
  • Control your character in the first person, including his / her skills and abilities.
  • C̶o̶m̴m̸a̵n̴d̸ ̴h̶e̴r̷o̷e̶s̶ ̶a̶n̶d̴ ̴a̸g̶e̶n̸t̴s̶ ̸t̵o̵ ̷l̷e̸a̷d̸ ̴y̶o̴u̸r̶ ̴a̷r̵m̵y̷ ̵a̴n̸d̷ ̷e̵x̷p̵a̴n̶d̶ ̵y̶o̵u̷r̴ ̵k̶i̸n̶g̸d̸o̴m̵.̷

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