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Car Trader Simulator Free Prologue Available on Steam

The new title from Live Motion Games allows players to take on the role of a used car dealer and manage their own car dealership. The prologue is schedule to launch on 17th of June 2020 and will be available on Steam for free.

Car Trader Simulator – Prolog Trailer

You will be satisfied!

Car Trader Simulator will allow players to become a used car dealer and run their own car dealership. In addition to selling cars and managing the store, there are many other responsibilities waiting for them. Their tasks will include employing and managing workers. We will be looking for and buying new cars, so employees can repair, transport, or even “steal” them later, if it comes to that. All of those activities will affect our business.

The game offers three difficulty levels, to address the needs of players with less and more experience. Easy and medium modes are dedicated for the former – they contain hints, which will make the gameplay easier and will explain specific industry mechanics. Hard mode is a wild ride for real car dealer veterans with a flair for car business.

Are you going to be a fair salesman?

It’s up to the players how they will run their business. Will they repair and sell their cars responsibly, taking care of clients or will they go the cheapest way possible and deceive potential buyers in order to get rich quickly? To grow their car dealership, players will not only have to develop both themselves and their employees, but also invest in advertising. Tough economic choices will force them to carefully plan expenses, in order to earn more in the future. Outside of collecting cash for new cars, players will have to compete in online auctions with other traders and they are extremely tenacious.

Key features of the game:

  • Several difficulty levels – for both: beginners and experienced players.
  • Different levels of company development – e.g. hiring and equipping employees.
  • Economic choices, influencing our business directly.
  • Map and employees management – player will decide how employees move around the city.
  • Event system – unexpected actions happening in the city.
  • Weather conditions system
  • Real-life cars – a giant library of car photos with information about models, year of manufacture etc.
  • Negotiations – every car can be auctioned.
  • Contact your client directly – a good approach and satisfied customers increase the reputation of your car dealership.

L̸a̴u̶n̸c̵h̵ ̸d̸a̸t̶e̴ ̵o̴f̶ ̵C̴a̵r̴ ̸T̸r̵a̵d̸e̴r̵ ̸S̴i̵m̸u̵l̵a̸t̷o̸r̶ ̷w̶i̶l̷l̷ ̸b̷e̴ ̵a̵n̶n̷o̴u̶n̷c̴e̸d̵ ̶s̸o̴o̷n̵.̶

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