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The Hand of Glory is Now Available – with a Brand New Launch Trailer

The Hand of Glory is now officially available for adventure gamers worldwide on Steam and for the price of 16.99€/$18.99 (with a 10% launch discount). Please note that the game is divided into two chapters and Part II will be released in the fall as free DLC to owners of Part I.  

After a brilliant Kickstarter campaign, the time has finally come to assume the role of the fearless Lazarus Bundy and help him in his desperate search for the truth about the kidnapping of young Kathrin Mulzberg. Will you be able to solve his latest investigation among clues, murders and a mystery that has its roots in alchemy and esoterism?

Developed by Madit Entertainment and Daring Touch, in collaboration with the  Emilia-Romagna Film Commission and  IVIPRO and under the patronage of the municipality of  San Leo, The Hand of Glory represents a new chapter in the glorious history of the point&click adventure made in Italy.

The Hand of Glory – Trailer (ENG – SUB ITA)

The challenge of a dangerous serial killer plummets detective Lazarus Bundy’s career into a chasm with no way out.
In a desperate attempt at a comeback, Lazarus decides to secretly investigate the disappearance of Kathrin Mulzberg, the young descendant of one of the most influential families in the city.

From the sunny shores of Miami to the lush Italian hills, he will have to use all the resources at his disposal in order to reveal the truth behind the kidnapping.
And by that time he’ll be past the point of no return.

  • Inspired by the golden age of adventure games, especially by the Broken Sword and Gabriel Knight sagas.
  •  Find out who kidnapped Kathrin Mulzberg and unveil a mystery that has its roots in alchemy and esoterism.
  •  More than 15 hours of gameplay, thousands of dialogue lines and dozens of puzzles to solve.
  •  Impersonate Lars and Alice and explore Miami and Italy in wonderful 2D Full-HD locations.
  •  O̸r̴i̷g̶i̴n̶a̴l̸ ̵a̶t̴m̵o̸s̷p̶h̸e̴r̶i̶c̴ ̸s̸o̵u̸n̸d̷t̵r̵a̴c̶k̵ ̶a̷n̶d̷ ̵f̸u̵l̵l̵ ̴E̴n̵g̷l̶i̴s̸h̵ ̷v̴o̶i̸c̶e̴-̸o̷v̵e̷r̷.̴

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