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Even Bad Guys Need Love – Lovingly Evil Puts a New Spin on the Dating Sim

Green Man Gaming and Lizard Hazard Games, creators of indie hits Your Royal Gayness & Love Bug, want to recreate the thrill of all those cancelled games events like E3 and Gamescom with their upcoming launch, Lovingly Evil, coming to PC later this summer.

Lovingly Evil – Announce Trailer

Lovingly Evil allows players to create their own Villain and enter The Villain Conference, where you can meet other high-profile baddies and maybe even find a partner – whether in crime or in love! – or you could just attend a few conference talks & work on really upping your Villain credentials. You never know who might take notice!

Walk the halls of the conference throughout the day and you could end up in hilarious conversation with a flower loving Vampire, a Wicked Step-Mother or even Lucifer himself if you can pry him away from flipping burgers on his Hellfire Grill.  

If you fancy pulling on your lanyard and hitting the show floor early, a demo will be available on Steam from the 16th – 22nd June as part of the Steam Game Festival – Summer Edition. Head over to the Steam page next week to download and play the demo:

Key Features

  • Multiple, light-hearted branching storylines driven by players choices and even the time of day.
  • Discover unique minigames for each love interest such as staffing the grill with Lucifer or flower arranging with Felix the Vampire.
  • Create your Villain and choose your own path through Villain Con.
  • Court 5 potential Evil love interests.
  • Explore Villain Conference taking in lectures on effective villainy.
  • L̸e̵t̸ ̸l̷o̸o̶s̴e̵ ̶a̴n̶d̵ ̵p̴a̸r̵t̵y̴ ̴h̴a̸r̴d̶ ̷a̷t̶ ̴t̴h̵e̴ ̵n̸i̶g̷h̶t̵c̷l̶u̸b̴.̶

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