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ASYLUM Opens its Doors in Humongous Demo

As if the year couldn’t get more unpredictable, Senscape announces that supernatural horror adventure ASYLUM is debuting a time-limited demo on June 16-22 at the Steam Game Festival. Featuring up to 2-hours of gameplay, players will be able to experience the first moments of this highly anticipated game in its final form.

ASYLUM is a first-person adventure developed by a small and dedicated team with a style reminiscent of early 80s grindhouse videos. It draws inspiration from H. P. Lovecraft’s atmospheric stories, the memorable Hammer Films gothic series, as well as twisted Euro Horror from the likes of Lucio Fulci. As players traverse the halls of the massive, decaying Hanwell Mental Institute, they will unravel a mind-bending story and solve puzzles taxing their wits and intuition rather than quick reflexes. Over 10 years in the making and featuring 15 hours of gameplay, ASYLUM is an epic love letter to the point-and-click genre and the spiritual successor to beloved cult classic Scratches.

“Rumors of our deaths have not been exaggerated,” said director Agustín Cordes. “We have in fact become zombies during the production of this game”. “I hope this was worth it,” said lead artist Pablo Forsolloza. “It’s nothing short of a miracle this game exists,” said lead programmer Agustín Delger. “Please get us out of here,” said newcomers to the team Tais and Rocío Sztrum. “Nobody expects the ASYLUM demo!” said the Spanish Inquisition.

ASYLUM was funded on Kickstarter in the most successful crowdfunding campaign ever in Argentina, surpassing its goal of $100,666. More recently, it became the recipient of an Epic MegaGrant. Its unique approach to storytelling and presentation was put to the test in the free adventure game Serena, which has reached 1 million downloads and received over 6000 positive reviews.

A̵S̶Y̴L̵U̴M̸ ̶i̶s̵ ̷c̴o̵m̴i̶n̵g̸ ̷s̴o̵o̶n̷ ̵o̶n̵ ̶P̸C̴,̸ ̴M̸a̶c̸ ̸a̷n̵d̴ ̷L̶i̶n̸u̷x̶.̶ ̴F̸o̷r̸ ̶r̴e̸a̶l̵ ̸t̶h̷i̵s̵ ̸t̸i̴m̶e̸.̵


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