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Total Arcade Racing Joins the Steam Summer Game Festival 2020

Total Arcade Racing, a fun 2D top-down arcade racing game for 1-8 players, from, is available from 16th – 22nd of June as a demo on the Steam Summer Game Festival.

Total Arcade Racing is currently in development and is scheduled to be released on Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One during 2020.

Total Arcade Racing Trailer – Take 1

Game Description

Total Arcade Racing is a fun 2D top-down arcade racing game where you zip around closed circuits. This game is a tribute to the old classical top-down arcade racing games like Super Sprint, Slicks ‘n’ Slide and Super Cars. ​Play with 8 friends on the same screen in various game modes or challenge them online.​

Key Features

  • Online & Local Multiplayer. Play up to 8 players in various game modes. 
  • 5 game modes. Arcade Race, Time trial, Endless race, Demolition derby and Survivor. 
  • Unlock cars. Play with a variety of cars with different performance and handling.
  • Global Leaderboard support. Beat other drivers and see if you can become the fastest player in the world.
  • L̷o̷c̵a̶l̴ ̵G̴h̸o̶s̴t̶ ̵C̷a̵r̷.̶ ̶L̶o̵c̷a̴l̷ ̸g̴h̸o̴s̷t̴ ̶c̶a̷r̸ ̶r̴e̷p̴l̵a̴y̶ ̵o̸f̴ ̴b̶e̶s̸t̴ ̸t̴i̴m̸e̴.̸

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