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A Prologue for Car Trader Simulator Launches on June 23rd

Can you smell that? No, not the grease, the other one. It’s that sweet scent of a business on a brink of success! 

It’s admittedly greasy, though I suppose that’s given in our line of work. I see a great future for this place: a workshop full of top-notch specialists you hired, a hall full of renovated cars ready to hit the road again, and finally an office filled with brain force capable of wrestling these mechanical wonders from our competitors grasp at the auction house.

But before all of that, your business needs to stand firmly on its own feet. You need to start somewhere, learn the ropes. It’s the beginning of your story, a prologue if you will. Do you have what it takes to rip off your clients? What? I said tip… tip off your clients about the latest deals. 

Let’s find out.

A prologue for Car Trader Simulator will release for free on its Steam page on June 23rd, ahead of the launch of the game itself which is planned later on in the summer of 2020.

Main Features

  • Choose your own way to run a business. Be an honest salesman, or work with shady people.
  • Multiple difficulty settings. From relaxing easy mode to hard mode dedicated for those with salesman sense.
  • Operate your business on multiple levels. From sales to employing and equipping your workers.
  • Dominate your local area. Use the city map to decide where to send your employees. 
  • Dynamic events. React to unexpected happenings and steer your company through some tough decisions.
  • Gigantic library of real cars.
  • Get your cars through auctions. Outbid your rivals.
  • K̴e̸e̷p̵ ̸y̶o̷u̷r̸ ̴c̴l̷i̴e̴n̷t̷s̸ ̷h̶a̷p̷p̸y̴.̷ ̶D̴i̵r̶e̸c̴t̶ ̸c̶o̸n̶t̸a̷c̶t̸ ̶i̴s̸ ̸t̵h̶e̶ ̷b̵e̴s̵t̷ ̷w̶a̸y̴ ̵t̸o̴ ̸m̸a̴k̷e̷ ̴s̸u̸r̵e̸ ̷y̸o̴u̵r̶ ̶b̵u̷s̵i̸n̵e̶s̸s̸ ̸r̸e̵n̶o̵w̸n̶ ̷i̶s̷ ̸g̶r̵o̵w̶i̴n̴g̴!̷

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