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Angels on Tanks Is Now Available on Steam Early Access

Angels on Tanks has been released today on Steam Early Access. The indie developer Ninju Games sees the launch of its strategy game with a price of $14.99 alongside a 35% launch discount. The release onto Early Access brings the game into the hands of the community and the supporters who backed its Kickstarter campaign.

Angels on Tanks Early Access Trailer

Angels on Tanks is a turn-based strategy game that combines tactic combats with cards collection and light RPG elements, in an anime-style fashion. Players are encouraged to manage their squad and level-up in order to attack or defend crucial objectives. Powered by GODOT engine, the game is also being ported to Nintendo Switch.


  • Take command and lead your troops on a turn-based war full of Strategy and Tanks.
  • Unlock up to 97 Officers and Commanders, each one with their own Special Power and sexy style.
  • More than 40 Hours of gameplay in tons of missions on Campaign Mode: Winter’s Blood, Eastern Coalition, Free Nations and UDF factions will battle for the final Victory.
  • Skirmishes mode: Additional challenges and extra missions.
  • H̴a̶r̶d̷ ̷m̶o̷d̵e̵,̸ ̸i̵m̴p̴o̸s̷s̵i̷b̸l̵e̸ ̶t̷o̴ ̵b̶e̵a̷t̴!̸

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