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Developer Walkthrough Video for Old School RPG The Revenant Prince

Nomina Games has revealed more details about its upcoming retro RPG The Revenant Prince coming to PC this summer. Lead Designer Darrel Wijaya provides more insight into the games characters, combat and story with this short developer walkthrough video.

About The Revenant Prince

The Revenant Prince casts players as Troy, a prince who awakens after a near death experience with the ability to control time. Guided by a mysterious voice that may or may not have his best interests at heart, Troy embarks on an epic quest to fulfill his uncertain destiny. As Troy continues on his adventure he will come to meet all manner of colorful characters and come face to face with difficult decisions. How you treat people and what actions you take on this quest will dictate how the story plays out. With all outcomes being irreversible, every playthrough of The Revenant Prince will be a fresh, new experience.


  • Single-player gameplay with potentially irreversible consequences.
  • Time-based battles with an arsenal of weapons and magic!
  • Interactions with a menagerie of enemies with a variety of interesting outcomes.
  • The ability to play god (literally) and toy with the lives of many!
  • A̴ ̶s̷i̶m̴p̵l̴e̵ ̵b̵l̵e̴n̵d̵ ̷o̴f̷ ̵p̷i̵x̴e̵l̷a̴t̶e̵d̴ ̴a̷n̵d̴ ̵p̵a̴i̵n̵t̷e̶r̶l̷y̵ ̶a̵r̶t̶ ̵s̷t̴y̸l̴e̶s̴.̸
The Revenant Prince: Developer Commentary

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