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PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X Versions of 3D Metroidvania-like Hacking Adventure Recompile Announced

UK indie developer Phigames and publisher Dear Villagers today revealed as part of PlayStation Show that their 3D sci-fi Metroidvania-like is heading to PlayStation5 to Xbox Series X. The game will also be coming to Steam as previously announced.

Recompile features intense combat, tight 3D platforming, super-powered abilities and environmental physics-based hacking mechanics – everything, right down to foes, can be hacked. World obstacles include intelligent enemies and intricate environmental circuitry, and both require the mastery of new abilities such as time dilation and flying with a jetpack.

The adventure is built around a branching narrative system unique to the Metroidvania genre. Unlike a typical Metroidvania, it uses a dynamic narrative system based on play style, meaning player decisions alter the world and can lead to any one of multiple endings. 

The story explores everything from machine sentience to the nature of reality. The player is a rogue piece of semi-sentient code, trapped in The Mainframe – a sprawling digital wasteland dead-set on deleting trespassers. 


  • Metroidvania progression combined with a unique narrative branching system.
  • A range of futuristic weapons and super-powered abilities, including a jetpack.
  • Intense and intelligent combat 
  • Hack through environmental circuitry, logic gates & even enemies.
  • Multiple endings depending on play style.
  • Face colossal entities blocking your path to freedom 
  • R̸e̴a̷c̶t̵i̸v̶e̵ ̷s̸o̶u̷n̵d̶t̸r̴a̵c̶k̷ ̶o̶f̷ ̷b̷l̸i̸s̸t̶e̴r̵i̴n̶g̸ ̵e̷l̵e̷c̴t̴r̸o̸.̸
Recompile – 8 minutes of gameplay – Summer of Gaming 2020

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