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Double Pug Switch Launches on Steam

The Polygon Loft are excited to announce that their debut title Double Pug Switch has been listed on Steam after 4 years of work. The game was highlighted in the Tentacle Zone of EGX Rezzed in 2019, and picked to showcase at the Unity Developer Day 2019.

About Double Pug Switch

Double Pug Switch is a 2D platformer that follows a pug called Otis, who is sucked into a alternate dimension along with a mischievous cat called Whiskers.

Inspired by games like Geometry Dash and Super Meat Boy, Double Pug Switch lulls players into a false sense of security with a lovable pug pup, only to smack them back down with rock-solid gameplay. There are a ton of hats to unlock; some are nods to pop culture, jokes or memes.

The gameplay is fast-paced, easy to pick up and play, but incredibly challenging. Each level is littered with spikes, traps and pitfalls to trip up the player. There is a variety of power-ups throughout the game that can help the player navigate the level. There are also two types of coins scattered throughout: gold coins are common and special purple coins can be found to unlock super rare hats and enhance the replayability.

Players will have to chase Whiskers across four unique dimensions, and at the end of each dimension have a showdown with him. Whiskers acts as a boss, and evolves his tactics through the game, adding a new challenge on each dimension.

Two Pugs Are Better Than One

Double Pug Switch’s unique gameplay mechanic is the ability to instantly flip between dimensions. This allows players to reach different areas, quickly avoid obstacles, or even make platforms appear.

Key Features

  • 32 levels, spread across 4 unique dimensions.
  • 41 Hats to unlock! Cowboy hat, brain slugs, and many more!
  • Special purple coins to unlock super rare hats.
  • Power ups that make the player shrink, launch and bounce.
  • Difficult gameplay, even more difficult potential for a purrfect run of each level.
  • Adorable pug protagonist.
  • L̴a̵u̸n̷c̴h̷i̸n̵g̸ ̶o̵n̶ ̷S̷t̶e̸a̸m̵,̷ ̴N̵i̴n̴t̸e̸n̷d̷o̶ ̴S̷w̵i̴t̴c̶h̶,̵ ̸P̵l̴a̴y̸S̷t̵a̴t̶i̴o̴n̸ ̷4̵,̷ ̸X̵b̷o̶x̴ ̴O̸n̵e̴,̴ ̵i̴O̶S̷ ̴a̵n̴d̶ ̴A̴n̸d̸r̷o̴i̸d̵ ̷D̵e̷v̷i̶c̷e̵s̸.̴

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