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Libtard: The Satire Game on Steam Offers a Fun 8-Bit Inspired All-Out Political Battle For Reelection

Indie game developer Wise Monkey Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Libtard: The Satire Game, a hilarious download in which you help a nutty American President take out all competition standing in his way of reelection! Available today via Early Access on STEAM™, Libtard: The Satire Game is the debut title by the developer and is part of the STEAM™ summer sale with a 50% discount until July 9th.

Libtard: The Satire Game | Official Covid-19 Teaser Trailer

Libtard: The Satire Game is a spoof of the political picture in America. Follow the side-splitting stories of your favorite (and spiteful) political faces and charge into battle against the Libtards, Snowflakes and Fascists on a quest to obliviate all competition! Make America Game Again and get ready for some political fun! Currently scheduled for a full release in November featuring 8 storylines, the version available today has the first storyline included. The 8 stories planned are divided into 4 with emphasis on left-wing shenanigans and 4 on right-wing shenanigans. Each will include 3 acts and follow a new celebrity. 

Libtard: The Satire Game is an action-packed title for real patriots just in time for the 4th of July Holiday celebration. Join the all-star cast of characters Donald Trump, Bernie, Hillary, Putin, Biden, Boris and Alex Jones through 120 fulfilled levels of political madness. Enjoy the compelling gameplay – witness the crazy stories and laugh-out-loud watching the cutscenes. A bonus is the world-famous impersonator John Di Domenico guest starring as the one and only Donald Trump. It’s pure genius!

L̴i̶b̴t̵a̴r̴d̷:̶ ̵T̵h̸e̶ ̸S̸a̴t̵i̷r̸e̴ ̷G̶a̸m̴e̴ ̴i̷s̵ ̴a̵v̷a̵i̴l̴a̸b̴l̷e̴ ̶v̵i̵a̸ ̶S̶T̸E̶A̷M̶™̵ ̵f̴r̴o̶m̶ ̶h̴e̴r̸e̶:̵

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