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Craftlands Workshoppe Set for End of August Release

Arvydas Žemaitis and Excalibur Games are proud to announce that Craftlands Workshoppe, a brand-new fantasy business adventure set in the clouds, is set to release at the end of August 2020 in Early Access for PC. The crafting and management game will be available on Steam and various digital stores.

The lead developer of the indie gem series ‘Shoppe Keep’ is back with his latest project, Craftlands Workshoppe. Complete with a colourful cast of kooky characters, a world full of intrigue, portals, pet-able dogs, cauldron stirring, airships and more, the list is endless! But it doesn’t stop there, while you’re running around amongst the clouds you will be making that sweet sweet profit as you run your own emporium! However, you don’t have to do it all on your own, hire workers to hit anvils, create potions and so much more! Manage their salaries, organise your air fleet and become the business mogul you were destined to be!

About Craftlands Workshoppe

From the out-there imagination behind the Shoppe Keep series comes a brand-new fantasy business adventure set in the clouds.

Craft your way to the top

A hastily scribbled note on Allcraft’s door means you’re now the proud owner of a dilapidated workshoppe. You know you’re going to have to utilise your alchemy, cookery and blacksmith skills to get the sad old place back on its feet.

Sell your wares

It’s all very well knowing how to craft items but your wares won’t make you money gathering dust on your workshoppe floor. Luckily your slightly creepy acquaintances seem to want to help you out. Your own personal air skip? They’re either unusually generous or they want something in return. Time will tell.

Master your crafts

The more you explore these outlandish islands, the more you realise things aren’t as they appear. Becoming a master of three noble crafts and making a success of the workshoppe Allcraft kindly bequeathed you seemed like a worthy goal. But…it’s starting to feel like your achievements are merely part of a much bigger story. Master every recipe and build every blueprint to fashion a key that unlocks an unknown realm.

O̴h̷,̴ ̷a̷n̸d̶ ̶d̶i̷d̴ ̶w̷e̷ ̵m̸e̸n̷t̷i̶o̵n̴ ̶y̵o̴u̷ ̴c̶a̷n̸ ̴a̶l̶s̴o̸ ̴p̶e̵t̷ ̶a̵ ̷d̴o̸g̷?̷ ̷W̵h̴a̷t̴ ̴d̸o̷ ̶y̸o̴u̸ ̸g̶e̵t̵ ̷f̴o̷r̵ ̷i̶t̷?̶ ̷N̴o̵t̷h̶i̷n̴g̷ ̷b̵u̵t̸ ̵t̵h̷e̶i̵r̴ ̶u̶n̵c̴o̴n̸d̶i̸t̵i̴o̶n̶a̶l̸ ̷l̶o̴v̶e̸.̷ ̴W̴h̶y̴,̴ ̸w̸h̸a̸t̶ ̵d̴i̴d̸ ̷y̶o̶u̸ ̶e̶x̴p̷e̴c̶t̶?̷

Craftlands Workshoppe Reveal Trailer

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