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Hilarious Physics Game Supermarket Shriek Is Coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC Later This Year

PQube and developer Billy Goat Entertainment are excited to announce Supermarket Shriek for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC on Steam!
The three versions of the hilarious and award-winning physics game will be available later this year and include even more modes and features than the original on Xbox One.

Supermarket Shriek – Announcement Trailer | Coming Soon to Switch, PS4 & Steam!

Ok, no time for questions: you need to get into this shopping cart, with this goat, and make it crash through things by screaming together!

What?! I said no questions!!!  Fine, I guess this is not self-explanatory enough…

In Supermarket Shriek, you control a man and a goat in a shopping cart. Hear us out. The game is physics-based, when the man screams, the cart turns left, when the goat screams, the cart goes right. When both scream, it goes straight. Imagine it like a rowboat! A rowboat propelled by terror.

Use this technique to manouver your shopping cart through various Supermarkets, Boutiques and other stores to reach the goal! Crash through piles of cans, jump over your everyday burning pits, dodge totally common boxing gloves on springs and much more as you wreak havoc on your way to the exit.


  • Story Mode with 38 whacky stages, can be played alone or with a friend in Co-Op!
  • Unique Co-Op “Duet Mode”, where you (and a friend) can literally shriek your way to glory by controlling the action using a microphone (Steam/PS4 only).
  • 3̴ ̵c̶h̶a̵o̴t̸i̴c̷ ̷P̸v̵P̶ ̵P̵a̶r̵t̴y̷ ̴M̵o̸d̴e̶s̷ ̴f̶o̶r̵ ̸b̵e̶t̸w̴e̴e̸n̷ ̴2̸ ̷t̴o̶ ̵4̴ ̶p̵l̴a̴y̸e̷r̶s̴.̸

Supermarket Shriek will be available later this year for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC on Steam!

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