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Heartfelt Story Game Into A Dream Is Coming to Steam on the 30th July

Independent developer Filipe Thomaz is excited to share the news that his emotional and heartfelt narrative journey Into A Dream is releasing later this month on Steam.

Into A Dream is a deep, and sometimes dark story game that sees you wake in mysterious yet dreamy surroundings, with no recollection of how you arrived there. Upon discovering a recording addressed to you, you realise that your mind has been connected with the mind of Luke Williams, a man diagnosed with severe depression.

Diving deep into Luke’s mind and drifting through his dreams you will come to know the man he is, was, and hopefully, will come to be. Meeting with his close friends and family you’ll need to interact with the fully voiced cast to really understand who Luke is. The more you understand of Luke the better chance you have of pulling him away from the engrossing darkness.

The eye-catching noir setting of Into A Dream builds the dreamlike atmosphere of the game, both of which take the player on a grounded narrative journey of love, hopelessness and depression. Progressing through Luke’s dreams is halted by narrative-related puzzles, which play into the deeply realised characters and relationships of Into A Dream.

Into A Dream has already been noticed for its beautiful art style, picking up the Indie Dev World Order Award in 2019 for Best Art Direction. To complement the visuals of Into A Dream solo developer Filipe Thomaz has also composed a stunning soundtrack to play along with the emotional scenes of the game. The soundtrack will be available for purchase alongside the release of the game.

I̴n̴t̶o̶ ̶A̵ ̷D̸r̷e̷a̴m̷ ̴i̴s̷ ̷r̸e̶l̴e̵a̴s̵i̶n̵g̶ ̷o̵n̵ ̴S̷t̸e̵a̷m̷ ̸o̶n̷ ̸t̸h̴e̵ ̶3̸0̵t̴h̵ ̵o̷f̸ ̵J̵u̷l̸y̴ ̸f̸o̴r̴ ̴£̶9̵.̴9̸9̷/̵€̵9̷.̸9̷9̴/̸$̶1̸1̶.̸9̵9̸ ̴a̵n̴d̶ ̴s̸u̸p̷p̶o̵r̸t̷s̶ ̵W̸i̵n̶d̴o̵w̵s̸,̷ ̸M̷a̸c̸ ̸a̷n̵d̴ ̶L̸i̶n̷u̷x̷ ̶p̶l̵a̴t̴f̶o̸r̴m̸s̸.̴

Into A Dream – Release Date Trailer – July 30th

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