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Announcing Pastel: Blind Karma – the Game Led by Korean Artist Yuni Jang

The partnership between artists Yuni Jang (Korea) and Ilya Sipyagin (Russia) are proud to present their new project, a 3D Adventure-Puzzle game Pastel: Blind Karma that explores the topic of finding yourself and learning what is truly important in this life.

You have just woken up after a long and dreamless sleep, but you find yourself in the midst of ruins, in the middle of a dense and overgrown forest. You instinctively feel that something is wrong but cannot remember what happened, the only thing that you know for sure is that your name is Pastel: Blind Karma, and you are a nine-tailed fox.

At the back of your mind, something is calling you, a task must be accomplished, but first, you must rediscover who you are and what happened while you were sleeping.

Game Features:

Time Travel
Travel through time and space on your journey to rediscover who you are and what you need to do.

Get to know yourself
As you rediscover your past and learn the history of your world, you will uncover the truth behind the ancient ruins that are worshiped as being godly creations. What happened to those who created them, and what was your role in all of this?

U̷n̶l̶o̸c̶k̷ ̷y̵o̶u̵r̵ ̸m̶e̵m̵o̸r̶y̶ ̸p̷i̷e̶c̵e̴ ̴b̷y̶ ̶p̷i̴e̶c̴e̶ ̷b̴y̸ ̶s̷o̷l̷v̵i̴n̵g̷ ̶f̷u̷n̴-̷b̶u̸t̸-̶c̷h̸a̶l̴l̸e̶n̴g̶i̵n̷g̴ ̶p̶u̵z̶z̶l̶e̷s̷.̵

The world is an artistic canvas
Inspired by Russian and Korean culture, the art in Pastel: Blind Karma brings together the best of both worlds, with unique and original creatures, bosses, and an ever-changing environment.

Pastel: Blind Karma – Teaser Trailer

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