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Multiplayer Dungeon Crawler Blightbound Charges into Early Access on July 29

Fearless developer Ronimo Games (Awesomenauts) and their trusty sidekicks Devolver Digital (Fall Guys, GRIS) have decreed that Blightbound, a dark and stylish multiplayer dungeon crawler, will battle its way onto Steam Early Access on July 29. To honor the occasion, Blightbound will launch with a 10 percent discount from its $19.99 price.
Blightbound is an online & local multiplayer dungeon crawler that tasks three heroes to venture down from their mountain refuge to face the abominations of the Blight – a mysterious and corrupting fog that enshrouds the land. Explore handcrafted dungeons, fight a terrifying cadre of mystical and monstrous enemies, grab valuable loot, and recover fallen heroes to expand your roster of available warriors. Each player will fulfill a specific role on the team – warrior, assassin, or mage – to overcome colossal bosses and solve clever puzzles.


  • Blightbound is an ever-expanding game with new dungeons to explore, new heroes to recover and use, and new loot to retrieve with planned free updates for the community.
  • Collect over 20 unique heroes, each with their own skill set, passive abilities, and fully narrated story to complete.
  • Hundreds of unique items to loot and craft to improve each hero and alter their repertoire of attacks and abilities. 
  • Build out your refuge atop the mountain by recruiting new artisans to craft more items, fulfilling bounties, and training your heroes.
  • Battle through three distinct lands, each with several dungeons to conquer, including the eerie Gravemark, the oppressive Underhold, and the precarious Blood Ridge.
  • Distinct class roles that reward team play and powerful ultimate abilities that charge by fulfilling your role. Block damage as a warrior, interrupt enemies as an assassin or heal your allies as a mage.
  • A̴ ̸s̷t̵u̸n̴n̵i̴n̷g̵ ̶m̵i̸x̷ ̴o̴f̷ ̴h̶a̴n̸d̸-̶p̵a̵i̸n̴t̶e̸d̸ ̶c̵h̴a̸r̷a̵c̸t̵e̷r̶s̴ ̵a̵n̶d̴ ̸r̷e̴a̸l̸ ̴t̸i̷m̵e̷ ̷3̵D̴ ̴m̵o̵d̷e̵l̵s̴ ̶a̸n̸d̷ ̷l̷i̴g̶h̴t̶i̸n̶g̶ ̴e̷f̴f̷e̵c̸t̸s̷.̵
Blightbound | Developer Walkthrough | Steam Early Access July 29

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