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Vagrus – The Riven Realms Enters Steam and

Building on its ongoing Open Access campaign on Fig and Discord, Vagrus is coming to Steam and just weeks after its successful demo debut on these two platforms. The game enters Early Access now with over fifty hours of playable content with plenty more to come. Vagrus and its world were born from decades of tabletop RPG campaigns played by the founders of Lost Pilgrims, which adds vastly to the game’s unique atmosphere and the richness of its setting.

‘Sunless Sea meets Darkest Dungeon, set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world.’   

About the Game

Vagrus – The Riven Realms is a roleplaying game with a narrative focus, open-world exploration, and strong elements of strategy. The player takes the role of a vagrus – a caravan leader who strives to survive in a strange and dangerous dark fantasy world by leading a traveling company on all kinds of ventures.

The player will meet companions who can join them – often exotic beings such as half-demons, mutants, dragonkin, and undead. They can fill special roles in the caravan to aid the player in certain endeavors (such as a scout master, guard captain, or beast handler). Companions also fight in turn-based, JRPG-style combat where great tactical challenges presented by horrific enemies can be overcome using skills and character synergies.

The setting of Vagrus is a post-apocalyptic fantasy world: a dark and mostly desolate continent where life is cheap and resources are scarce. The narrative changes dynamically depending on the player character, their ambitions, important moral choices, and simply the direction taken in this vast, sandbox world. Varied playstyles are encouraged throughout the game. Want to be a trader who carries wares across leagues of deadly wasteland? A cruel mercenary captain who takes on jobs for the highest bidder? Or a plunderer of ancient ruins, seeking forgotten lore and forbidden treasures? You can do all of that and more in Vagrus.


  • Branching narrative in the form of interactive events.
  • Turn-based tactical combat.
  • A vast, hand-crafted sandbox world to explore.
  • Digitally hand-painted maps, environments, and 2D artwork.
  • A colorful cast of companions with their own storylines and caravan roles.
  • Over a hundred different enemies.
  • An elaborate trade system.
  • F̸a̶c̵t̵i̴o̷n̶s̶ ̶y̶o̶u̸ ̴c̶a̷n̸ ̷a̷l̶l̸y̵ ̷w̸i̵t̶h̸.̴
Vagrus – The Riven Realms Early Access Announcement

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